18 Recipe Ideas for Christmas Morning Breakfast

Tomorrow’s the day – you’re picking up the last of the groceries for Christmas meals and snacks, so we’ve rounded up the best of the best Christmas Morning breakfast recipe ideas for you to pick from!

Spinach & Broccoli Quiche



Our friends over at My Organized Chaos shared this lovely recipe I will definitely be trying soon!

Cranberry Bliss Overnight French Toast Bake



Thanks to Merry About Town, this option looks sinfully tempting.

Healthy Sausage Frittata



I love a good Frittata! Thank you Sober Julie!

Easy Ham & Egg Cups



Eggs are my every-morning breakfast, these would make them special. Thanks to Sober Julie!

Almond Apple Bread Pudding



This is something I have never made and look forward to trying, thanks to Mommy Outside The Box!

Peach French Toast Bake with Almonds


French-Toast-Bake (1)

Peaches and almonds, with French Toast? You had me at Peaches! Thank you for the introduction to this deliciousness Frugal Mom Eh!

Apple Cinnamon French Toast Bake



I think we have our winner for my household! This looks simply divine, thanks to Frugal Mom Eh!

Blueberry Pancake French Toast Bake



A twist on the french toast bake with pancakes thanks to Life Love Liz!

Ukranian Christmas Breakfast



Wow this looks amazing, and poaching eggs in cream, YUM!? I simply must try this one, thank you Bewitchin’ Kitchen!

Maple Butter Cinnamon Rolls



I love cinnamon rolls for day long snacking treats during the Holidays! These look delectable thanks to Bewitchin’ Kitchen!

Strawberry-Raisin French Toast Bake



Another winner here and convincing me to try the FRENCH TOAST BAKE this year! Thank you Mom vs. The Boys!


Cookie Cutter Pancakes



Delicious, easy and FUN, thanks to Reese Speaks!

Breakfast in a Skillet


egg skillet breakfast

Again with the tempting eggs! Love this, thank you Older Mommy Still Yummy!

Breakfast Bake


Breakfast bake

A good hearty breakfast idea with eggs and bacon! ‘Can’t beat this as a solid basic, thanks to Older Mommy Still Yummy!

Classic French Toast


classic french toast

One of my all time favourites, and one I don’t make nearly often enough. I’ve put this on my shopping list for this Winter Break! Thank you to Older Mommy Still Yummy!


Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls


This step-by-step tutorial is the kind of recipe I love! I’m not super talented in the kitchen and I know I could do these – delicious! Thank you Raising Memories for this!


Egg & Veggie Casserole



Another one I’m bookmarking for the next couple of weeks when my girls are home! Thank you My Organized Chaos for this beauty!


Strawberry Stuffed French Toast



You guys, I can’t even. I mean, come ON! Thank you My Organized Chaos!!

Thank you to some fantastic foodie bloggers for sharing these amazing ideas for your Christmas morning! Happy Holidays Mamas!







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