2015 Chevrolet Tahoe | Review


As part of my ongoing review of family vehicles this year, we recently took the Chevy Tahoe on our Spring Break road trip to Washington. We drove it down South past Seattle to the Great Wolf Lodge and then Seattle for a few nights.

At first I was concerned there wasn’t enough space for all our luggage with the third row seat up, but surprisingly – it all fit with room to spare!



The third row was 2/3 layed flat so my daughter could sit in that one space left.

The electric running boards were really quite cool.

My other thing about cars we’re driving is that they fit in our garage as it’s not huge but I do like to park indoors.


It did fit, JUST. With NO room to spare. When you go from sliding doors (mini-van) to an SUV this size, you have to load the kids in and out of the vehicle in the driveway instead of in the garage, however. Which is not necessarily a big deal I suppose. If it was snowing heavily and we still lived in Alberta, I don’t think it would be okay with me unless we had a much larger garage.

This, by far, was my husband’s favourite vehicle so far. There were so many great things about the Tahoe.


I loved that the vehicle is big and makes you feel really safe when you’re driving. You really do feel like the big heavy on the road when driving the Tahoe.

We all loved the extras, even my kids. The back seats had heated seats; the steering wheel was heated, the rearview mirrors indicate blind spots, it had lots of power to accelerate.


Some of the safety features I thought were pretty cool were that your seat vibrates on your leg if you are wandering over the lane lines, the dashboard tells you if you’re speeding (how does it do this?!), and the rearview mirrors indicate when there is a vehicle in your blind spot.

Overall, the Chevrolet Tahoe met all of my must-haves:

  • 7 passenger seating
  • leather upholstery
  • back-up camera
  • push-button lift-gate
  • USB connection (several)
  • heated seats
  • power sun roof
  • Fits in my garage (though not easily)

And also offered a lot of ‘nice to haves’:

  • Excellent ‘get-up-and-go’
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Safety features I hadn’t experienced in any other vehicle as mentioned above
  • push button seat folding (folding back seats)
  • power running boards

I felt it was missing:

  • locking gas cap

For the price, I felt that the Tahoe should have all the bells and whistles, and it didn’t disappoint. The price as driven was $73, 405 which works out to about $1,100 per month over 7 years according the Chevrolet Canada website.

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