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Originally, I was hoping to post this as a Father’s Day post. The Mustang is a fabulous car for any man, and who wouldn’t love one for Father’s Day?

Unfortunately, I have been having serious trouble with my wrist, and since typing has been difficult, I missed Father’s Day, and I will just have to tell you how awesome this car is the regular way!


The day Ford Canada dropped off this beauty, not only were my husband and I excited to test drive a fabulous new car for a few days, but my boys were pumped.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is a fabulous vehicle… yes… even for us moms!

We took this car everywhere we went for an entire week!  From school, to playdates, to soccer games, and Sunday night family dinners!

Let me tell you, as a regular driver of mini vans, that this Mustang can definitely hold its own as a family vehicle!


My husband appreciated the ride of the vehicle, and the way it handled, and of course the feeling of driving a standard car!

Doesn’t a standard vehicle just make you feel young?

And while I can appreciate everything that he did, I looked at it more from a Mama point of view!

I looked at it, and appreciated the large trunk space, and the way my kids were excited to take a ride to the grocery store for once!

I REALLY appreciated, and was quite frankly surprised, at how easily our family of four fit into the Mustang!


My husband and I were able to fit a full sized car seat, and a booster seat into the Mustang with complete ease!

What’s more, is that the car seat fit better in the Mustang than it does in my van! And it was MUCH easier to secure!


The car is roomy, fun, and actually really practical!

Any dad would love this car, and might even try to snag it as his man machine – which is totally justified!

BUT! Before you start yelling NO NO NO at him, take a look at one!  It really might work well for a family!

Room for groceries – CHECK
Room for sports Equipment – CHECK
Room for 2 kids – CHECK!

And the kids got a kick out of being able to see the Mustang on the road after an evening ice cream outing!


Trust me Mama’s!  The Ford Mustang is more than just a man machine!

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