2018 Toyota Sienna Drive, Why I Still Love Mini-Vans

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If you’ve been following along on any, or all, of my test drives since 2015, you will already know how big of a mini-van fan that I am! I have even driving the Toyota Sienna back in 2015.

I drove a mini-van for over 10 years, and always recommend to fellow moms that they’re actually cool, despite what some may think.

There are so many reasons that make mini-vans more convenient and a better choice for families, but here are my top five:


I know what you’re thinking. SUV’s also have a lot of cargo space, and you’re right! However, the space inside a mini-van is built so that there is room for 7 (or 8, depending on the model) can seat comfortably, PLUS there is space behind the third row of seats for a stroller, sporting equipment and whatever else you’re lugging around. You absolutely can’t say that for most 7-seat SUVs. I know this because we haul around a full-sized wheelchair in the car (my oldest daughter needs it only sometimes, so we keep it in the car), plus we have 3 kids and always use the third row. There is plenty of space in the ‘trunk’ of the Toyota Sienna!


Automatic sliding doors are amazing, for two reasons:

a. They allow you to get in and out in any parking spot without worrying about door dings, or your kids slamming the door open on to someone else’s vehicle.

b. You can press a button and open or close the doors for your kids. This is especially important when you’re toting little ones! You will have a stroller, car seat, groceries, and all the things, opening the door couldn’t be easier, which is life-changing.


I love the way the Toyota Sienna handles and drives. It drives like a car and is easy to handle and park. The rear-view camera is amazing, you can see a top-down view so you know what exactly is surrounding your vehicle.


The fuel prices in Vancouver have hit records this week. It keeps getting more and more pricey to fill up your gas tank. The Toyota Sienna has much better fuel mileage than an SUV at 11.7 L/100km.


Do you ever have to yell at your kids in the back while you’re driving? No? Just Me? Hmm… well, no more with the new Driver Easy Speak feature. It’s a built-in microphone up front that transmits your voice to the kids through the back speakers, with the touch of a button on the audio display.

So let’s see, what’s new for the 2018 Toyota Sienna:

Toyota Safety Sense is new for the 2018 model and is an industry-leading suite of advanced safety technologies and is standard on 95% of Toyota vehicles. Toyota Safety Sense includes a pre-collision system, pedestrian detection, dynamic cruise control, lane departure alert and steering assist (plus more!). Visit Toyota.ca/safety to learn more.

The dual-power moonroof was a hit with my girls. It was really cool for them to have an opening sunroof, they’re not typically retractable like the front ones are.

The 2018 Toyota Sienna is Canada’s only mini-van with All Wheel Drive.

The 2018 model exterior has been given a light face-lift with changes to its front fascia and a new headlight and taillight designs.

What is holding you back from switching to a mini-van? What do you currently drive?


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    We have a 2017 Sienna and love it. Went from a RAV4 to a Sienna and not only do I love driving it (when I get the chance) by my wife loves driving it and the kids around.

    Great for roadtrips! Especially those over-crowded ferry trips where the sliding doors come in handy for getting the kids in and out in cramped spaces.

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