2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave


*Reminder: Always practice safe driving including not driving while distracted*

I’m not rugged or outdoorsy. I don’t like to camp, and I never go hiking.

I’m scared of a lot of things that would be considered adventurous. You’ll never find me zip-lining or cliff diving. I’m just not that kind of gal.

I asked for permission from Jeep Canada to take it off-road. ‘Sure,’ they said, ‘just no damage please and go do it with someone experienced’. YES. Such a key thing for off-roading – even IF you’re experienced (more on that later in my tips below). I asked this only because I “wanted” to take the Gladiator off-road, but I was still afraid. I knew that I couldn’t possibly drive this cool, fun and capable Jeep without putting it to the test off-road!


But first, What’s new for the Mojave trim?

While the Rubicon trim is the true off-road king, the Mojave is built for sand. So the additions or specifics for this trim are new, specially-tuned FOX 64-mm (2.5-inch) internal bypass shocks with external reservoirs, industry-exclusive FOX front hydraulic jounce bumpers, a reinforced frame, a 25-mm (1-inch) front suspension lift with a silver front skid plate, stronger axles with cast-iron steering knuckles, aggressive front seats with integrated upper bolsters and standard 33-inch Falken Wildpeak All-Terrain tires.


This color is called Gator, and it’s perfect!


I saw plenty of media images of the new Mojave trim before picking up the Gladiator myself, and I knew in advance it was likely to be this color and was dreading it. It seemed to be beige, and I thought I would hate it. Wrong. I loved the almost-khaki, definitely not beige color, and so did everyone else I encountered this week.


It’s capable of any and all adventures


@xoconniepetersFinding off-road trails and snow in the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave!
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We took the Gladiator up the Sea-to-Sky highway here on the Westcoast in search of some trails! A friend who’s an avid off-roader recommended the forest service roads for an easy and safe trail drive. And it was perfect! Check out all this snow up there near the Chief!

Tips for Off-Roading Beginners


If you’ve ever wanted to go off-roading but don’t know where to start, the right car is key. And the Jeep Gladiator is very capable. So if you’re looking for a new off-road adventure vehicle, the Jeep Gladiator is worthy of almost any trail you could throw its way – including mud, water, snow, and rocks.


Go with Someone, Don’t Go Solo.

And by solo, I mean your ride – go with two or more cars for safety. This is in case someone gets stuck, breaks down or gets lost. If you have more than one car, you can tow or help with repairs if necessary, plus if you need to abandon one on the way, you’ll have someone to take you back to safety.


Need Some Company?

But what if you don’t know anyone who can go with you, or has an off-road capable vehicle? There are plenty of groups online dedicated to off-roading, especially Jeep enthusiasts! Look around on Facebook or Meetup and join some local Jeep groups, the sense of community in the Jeep world is real! My Jeep Wrangler-owning-friend even told me that there is a secret greeting that Jeep owners give each other when driving past one another on the road. Join a group and go with someone else on your off-road adventures. Making new friends is always a good idea.

See how to remove the Freedom panels to turn this into a convertible!:


@xoconniepetersHow to take the Freedom Panels off in a Jeep! ##jeep ##freedompanelsoff ##howto ##learnontiktok♬ original sound – Connie Peters


Know Your Vehicle’s Capability and Equipment

If you are planning to go serious off-roading on remote roads with rock, water, mud, and potentially steep inclines, you’ll want to be SURE your truck can handle that, and you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the equipment available to you.

The Jeep Gladiator Mojave is fully equipped and fully capable with these off-road must-haves:

2H, 4L, and 4H Drive Modes

This is the difference between 2 wheel drive High and 4×4 High ON-road conditions or Low for off-road driving.

Locking Front and Rear Differential

The front and rear electronic locking differentials help maximize power delivery to all four wheels for increased traction, thus maintaining momentum on tough terrain.


Branded FOX aluminum-bodied 2.5-inch-diameter shocks transform the performance of Gladiator by using race-proven damping control to provide a comfortable on-road ride and predictable off-road handling in even the toughest conditions.

Off Road+ Button

You’re communicating to the vehicle that you’re going off-road so that it can automatically make throttle and transmission adjustments for you at the touch of a button.

Off-Road Digital Pages

Pitch and roll digital imagery along with temperature gauges on display on your touchscreen.

You can even wash the camera at the touch of a button!

Trail Cam

The forward-facing TrailCam aids in off-road Navigation. Helpful gridlines display the path in front of the tires to help you pick the best line for any obstacle and an integrated washer lets you clean any mud splatter from the camera with the simple push of a button.

Tow Hooks

Standard off-road necessities like heavy-duty forged front and rear tow hooks are perfect for helping less capable trucks get out of trouble.

 Skid Plates

High-strength steel skid plates help protect key components like the fuel tank and transfer case from damage caused by challenging trails.

Go Prepared

This means snacks, water, a first-aid kit, blankets, a change of clothing, appropriate footwear and layers for the weather and then tools and extra safety equipment.


Put your Tire over the Largest Obstacle

So now you’re on the trail and you’re with a friendly group of off-roaders all sticking together. Fun! Now, the basic rule of driving over obstacles such as large rocks, logs or bumps, is to put your tire on the obstacle as that’s the way to take your vehicle over it without damaging your undercarriage.


Get Out and Look Before Going Over an Obstacle

jeepIf you can’t see what is on the other side of an obstacle, like a cliff, rock or hillside, get out and go have a look to see before you drive over or through it. This holds for puddles too, if you can’t see how deep it is, it’s likely best not to make it straight for that puddle as you won’t know what to expect and you could quickly get stuck.


What Will the Jeep Gladiator Set You Back

So there you have it, the Jeep Gladiator is not only a functional pick-up truck but is also highly capable and full of adventure for off-road fun.

Plus, there are Easter Eggs to be found!


@xoconniepetersI found 11 Easter Eggs on the Jeep Gladiator. Are there more? ##jeepgladiator ##offroad ##eastereggs♬ Pump Up The Jam – The Hit Crew

The base Gladiator starts at $42,861 and the Mojave starts at $54,845.

As shown, this one included several options like the Freedom top, Safety group, roll-up tonneau cover, leather seating, trailer tow package, cold weather group and LED lighting group, and more, for a grand total of $73,600.

Fuel economy is stated to be 12.3 L/100 KM. 

Towing capacity is 7650lbs.

Find me on Instagram (instagram.com/xoconniepeters), YouTube and Tiktok (tiktok.com/@xoconniepeters) for more car content! I’ll be posting a full video review of the Gladiator Mojave soon!

Jeep Canada provided the Gladiator Mojave for a week to provide a review.

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