2022 Greater Vancouver Haunted Attractions

These days there seems to be quite a few Haunted houses/mazes and scary events to help get you in the mood for Halloween, if peeing your pants in fear is your kind of fun, that is!

Greater Vancouver has lots of haunted scary attractions to keep you in adult diapers for the month of October.

Here is a list that I have put together:



Maan Farms -790 McKenzie Rd

Maan Farms has 4 haunted experiences to make sure you are good and scared.  They have laid claim to the “scariest corn maze in Canada”.

Guests experience four multi-sensory experiences where the dead can’t resist meeting you,” says Amir Maan, Creator of HAUNTED and Maan Farms’ Operations Manager.

Homestead invites house guests to be the star of their own horror movie. Greeted by the ‘hospitable’ homeowners of a decrepit Airbnb, torturous treatment awaits. This immersive, limited-entry haunt is a full-contact experience where guests will experience an enhanced, highly-detailed, and elevated horror attraction that will leave them begging to check out.
The Way Down takes guests through the passage of hell, assaulting their senses and testing their psychological limits. This haunt requires guests to wear fabric hoods and follow a rope while experiencing unique multidimensional themes, such as feeling the underworld’s fiery wrath.

The iconic ‘Scariest Corn Maze in Canada’ returns with a blood-soaked Slaughterhouse theme. This self-guided haunt will have guests running for their lives as chainsaws roar and the flesh-eating pigs are unleashed to feast upon those who fall behind. Midway Street Theatre is a place to fuel up and unwind in between the experiences. Circus lights illuminate the sky while live actors, skilled in the arts of fire, improvisation and entertainment, fill the space with laughter and music.

Tickets are $55-$95 for each attraction or do all 4 for $90-$143. Pre-book your tickets online as they often sell out.


Reapers Haunted Attraction – 9423 GIBSON RD

For 30 years, Reapers has been scaring visitors. It has been about 15 years since I was there last but I still have flashbacks to just how scary it was! It is listed as the scariest indoor theatrical horror experience in Western Canada. An insane asylum themed haunt bringing the horrors of crazed patients to twisted Doctors and Hospital staff. They also have the 22,000 sq ft maze of terror that is literally in total darkness and complete with a mad man with a chainsaw.

It is recommended that you pre-tickets online. Tickets are $25 ea (Sun- Thurs) and $30 on Fri & Sat. They are open Oct 1 & 2 then starting Oct 7th they are open everyday until Halloween.  Note: Reapers is not recommended for children under the age of 10.


Fright Nights at Playland (Hasting St. Entrance)

Fright Nights will be RESURRECTED on October 7th and run until October 31. 

This October, prepare to SCREAM YOUR FACE OFF, because Playland once again will transform into a terrifying Halloween-themed experience with seven haunted houses, 15+ rides, creepy décor, roaming monsters and live performances.

New this year: an opening “scaremony”, new haunted house props, an early admission pass, and new spooky season food items.

2022 will be the final year for the Hollywood Horrors haunted house and will be retired after this Halloween season.

Fright Nights will operate Wednesdays to Saturdays from 6pm to midnight and Sundays 6pm to 11pm.

Prices vary depending on dates ($45-$54). You can get an early admission add on for your tickets at a cost of $15 ea. Rapid pass add-ons are $56 (not avail Oct 7-9)

Vancouver Horror Nights

From October 6-November 5 you can check out an indoor fear maze at Coquitlam Centre.

The House of Fear is pretty self explanatory.

The Sacrifice Sensory Deprivation Experience is certainly an experience. You Traverse to your death while being hooded and shackles. Using only your other senses, you will find out what terror is.

Prices are from $35 for House of Fear and $39 for Sacrifice Sensory Deprivation Experience.  There are also scary escape room experiences.  The experiences are running from 5pm to 10 pm Thursday through Sunday.

Tina Evans

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