4 Angels Beauty Care: An Oasis in the City

4 Angels Collage, branded April 2014

4 Angels Beauty Care: An Oasis in the City

I had the opportunity to check out 4 Angels Beauty Care on Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver. Have you been there? It’s a must. And here’s why.

First of all, I love to support local businesses who stand out for quality services and attention to detail. Customer service is also big on my list too as I want to be sure that my hard earned money is spent supporting local businesses that go the extra mile to take care of me.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 4 Angels Beauty twice now. And each time I was greeted, I felt like I was the only one there. The atmosphere is not only inviting and lovely, it’s calming at the same time. I felt taken care of right from the start.

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My First Visit

My first visit was a media event in which they pulled out all the stops. The wine was flowing,  the food delicious and we even had an Indian Bollywood dance demonstration.

I had my brows threaded and beautified and a henna treatment.


Henna Application to Hand

Henna or Mehndi is a temporary form of skin decoration that is most popular in Middle east, South Asia and Africa. Not only is the effect stunning but the process is quite relaxing.

If you want to book a henna, sari-wrapping and other specialty services they are by appointment only.

I wish I had taken more photos but my camera was on the blink that night. Go figure.

About a month later..

I went back and was treated to a mini facial, head massage and brow threading treatment again (they were looking a bit fuzzy).

The Illu Mini-Facial

The first treatment I had was the Ilu Mini-facial. Having spent so many years in the skin care industry I would say I am a tough customer. It’s difficult for me to not pay attention to the details of what my facialist was doing, but I tell you what. She had to wake me when she was done. There’s nothing like a nap in the middle of the day.

This treatment would be great if you are needing a pick me up at lunch time or you and your girlfriends are going out for a night out and want to look your best. It includes an exfoliation treatment, cleansing and a facial massage or extractions. Check out their menu for more details.

Indian Head Massage

Next up was the Indian Head Massage. WOW. The first thing you should note is that your hair will be massaged with almond oil so if you’re planning a night out, reserve this treatment for when you can just go home and relax. This treatment is entirely invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

It’s best to wait an hour before washing the oil out, but if you can leave it on overnight, even better. My hair felt wonderful, the frizziness was tamed and I slept like a happy baby that night.

Divine Brows

I had their signature treatment, Divine Brows last and at $22 it is not only a great price but a full service treatment. Included in your 15 minutes appointment is a thorough consultation of your brows, threading, brow massage and brow makeup.

Your brow expert will use white pencil to show you what your brows should look like based on the shape of your face. After checking in with you, you’ll get them threaded which doesn’t hurt that much compared to waxing. It takes about 5 minutes to thread and groom the brows, including a bit of tweezing and trimming if necessary.

After you have a look at your newly sculpted brows you’ll receive a brow massage. Suited to your skin type, the products are calming, taking that freshly threaded sensation away! You’ll have brow makeup applied to match your hair colour and voila! They look perfect.

I’m always impressed by how having the brows groomed by a professional makes such as difference. The only thing I would change is to have my brows threaded first. Pain before pleasure I always say…that way I could really enjoy the facial massage and mask and not have to wake up until I was finished.

4 Angels Beauty Care has a wide variety of products that you can purchase, including brow makeup ($14) bangles, earrings and some really beautiful eye shadow and lip glosses too.

Overall, my experience was superb and I would recommend you checking this lovely little oasis out. For more information, check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I wasn’t compensated for this post but I was treated like a queen to the treatments I described above.

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