6 Alternatives to Lululemon


I am doing a 40 day yoga challenge this month.

I realized on day 5, that my one (and only) pair of yoga pants wouldn’t cut it for six-weeks straight.  So I went looking for a pair of yoga pants for the first time in a very long while.  I own exactly two pieces of Lululemon – a hoodie (circa 1999) and an infinity scarf. I have never been a big Lululemon fan. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t much like being the same as everyone else all the time, or if it’s because I have never been super into yoga, so I didn’t know why I should be wearing yoga-gear ALLTHETIME. Since the recent thigh-gap and see-through fabric scandal with Lululemon, I’ve decided I would rather support pretty much any other company than Lululemon when purchasing my limited yoga attire needs.  So here are five other companies you should look to feed your ongoing need to wear yoga gear ALLTHETIME:

Keylime Clothing

An Edmonton company, Keylime Athletics, founded by a wonderfuly mom-entrepreneur who I know and admire. Her clothing is Canadian made and provides yoga gear in style.

Spiritual Gangster

A company with a cool slogan and even cooler college-feel sweat suits and yoga inspired tanks and jewellery.

Lole – Live Out Loud Everyday

This Canadian brand offers a stylish selection at a reasonable price point. Lole’s founder: “We really want women to feel good inside and out.” Stores in Eastern Canada, France and growing.


Another cute Canadian brand, albeit out of my price range.  ($189 for a pair of workout pants.)

Zella Clothing

This one is only available at Nordstrom (as far as I can tell), but it’s amazingly cute. I absolutely love patterned excercise clothing (because I’m not wearing it out of the house unless it’s to work out) and hate boring black.  These come in fantastic prints and patterns, and plus size too (!).


Another Canadian brand is  Karma  – it’s CUTE and reasonably priced. Made in Vancouver and sold in stores & studios in Canada and Nordstrom and Pure Barre studios in the US.

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    I found Lole last year and fell in love immediately! (Like you, I was not into the idea of being another Lululemon supporter.) Lole fit me perfectly and moves with me when exercising. They have so many different styles to choose from, there really is something for everyone!

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