5 Products for Starting Baby on Solids

Starting solids can be an exciting milestone that you will cherish and remember for years to come.  However, there is an abundance of products available that all boast that they can make starting solids easier and faster.  It can be very overwhelming for a new mother to know what products are worth your money.  Here are the 5 products that recommend for starting baby on solids.

1 | Hook-On Highchair

There are many highchairs available in different materials, designs, and colors. I personally like the hook-on highchair the best. It works great if you have limited space in your home and it is great for traveling as it can be used with picnic tables or restaurant tables. For my little one, I purchased the Summer Infant SecureSeat™. To get it in Canada, you do need to order it online, but I found it to be worth it. It can be hooked onto a table or attached to a chair as a booster seat, and comes with a dishwasher safe tray. I also liked the fact that the table clamps could rotate so it could be used with table skirts up to 5″.
summer infant

2 | Food Processor

If you decide to make your own baby food, a food processor will be needed. Some food processors allow you to cook the food as it is blends but I recommend purchasing The Original Baby Bullet™. The Baby Bullet comes with 2 blades, 2 different sized bowls, a spatula, 2 sets of food storage, and a recipe book. The Baby Bullet does require you to cook your food before blending but they also sell The Original Baby Bullet Steamer™, which can defrost and sterilize.
baby bullet

3 | Bibs

The variety of bibs on the market is huge, with different sizes and materials. Whatever you choose, purchase a large quantity of bibs as you will go through them quite often; unless you plan on doing laundry daily, you may run out. I recommend the 10-pack of Babies”R”Us Neutral Bibs.  It is an excellent product to add to your baby registry. They come in a large quantity and are made of cotton, which washes easily, and are sold in gender neutral colors.

4 | Washcloths

Having babies, you will go through a lot of washcloths. Between baths, feedings, and starting solids, washcloths are a must. Luckily, baby washcloths are quite inexpensive. My favorite being the 12-pack of gender neutral washcloths sold from Babies”R”Us. They are nice and soft, wash easily, and come in a big pack for a nice price.

5 | Baby Spoons

A spoon is a very simple utensil, however baby spoons vary quite a bit; they can differ in size and what they are made out of.  I have found that The First Years Take & Toss Infant Spoons are perfect for starting solids. They are small enough to fit into your baby’s mouth, are easy to hold, and are dishwasher safe. They are great for traveling and for such a great price for 12 of them, you won’t be upset if you forget a spoon at one of Modern Mama’s events.
With everything out on the market, it may be a little difficult to decide what you need before you start feeding your little one solid foods. With these products, you’ll be ready to start baby on solids as soon as they are ready too!

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