5 Quick And Easy Back To School Breakfasts

Breakfast has always been a struggle for me to come up with quick, yummy ideas. And with both kids headed off to school this year I am desperate to find some recipes to make our mornings less stressful! So i have combed through Pinterest to find some fast and delicious recipes your kids are sure to love!


1. Blueberry Pancake Bites from Honey And Lime Co

My kids are huge pancake fans but I always find they take up so much time ( and dishes ) to make. This is a great idea to make these tiny muffins in advance to help speed up your mornings!

For the full recipe click the link here!


2. To Go Baked Oatmeal from The Wholesome Dish

My kids can almost never agree on anything, so this is a fabulous option to have each kid customize their oatmeal. Simply make a batch of oatmeal, pour into cupcake liners, sprinkle on your favorite toppings. Then just wake up, and eat!

For the full recipe click the link here!


3. Chia Seed Pudding From ifoodreal

This vanilla chia pudding recipe is very basic and can be altered in so many ways. Which is great for picky kiddos! I know the consistency can sometimes be hard to get past. But, it was a hit in my house once we added some different fruits and even chocolate! it can be thrown together days in advance but must be at least done the night before.

For the full recipe click here!

4. Ham And Cheese Breakfast Quesadillas From Dairy On The Prairie

Now this is a recipe I can get behind! My kids love quesadillas and with a recipe that you can prep everything ahead of time and put together in the morning is a sure-fire winner! You’re able to hard boil eggs, dice ham, and shred cheese the night before! This is one that will for sure be made at our house!


For the full recipe click here!

5. Nutella & Banana Sushi from Paging Fun Moms

Now, this isn’t the healthiest breakfast but it’s one I know my kids will eat. My daughter has been on a huge Nutella kick the past few weeks and I have been happy to oblige since it’s simple to throw together.

For the recipe and roll up tutorial click here!


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