5 Reasons to Love the Bellagio in Las Vegas


We recently visited Las Vegas to attend the ABC Kids Expo. We have typically liked to try a new hotel each time when visiting Las Vegas. After one dissapointing night in a different hotel, we went back to the Bellagio.

5 Reasons I love to love the Bellagio

It’s not a High Rise

Being on the 40th floor of anything is unnerving enough for me, I really don’t want to sleep on a high level floor in a tiny room. It doesn’t appeal to me, it just freaks me out. The Bellagio is a nice size with 36 floors.


It’s mellow and calm feeling

The colour scheme and decor is very mediteranean with beiges and warm tones, which is calming and much more serene than blacks, bling and high contrast night-club feeling hotels.

The Pool Area is a not a day bar

The swimming pools are surrounded in lush beautiful greenery and white drapery covered cabanas.  It’s such a relaxing environment. The superior pool has extra cushy chairs, more attentive staff and an even more lush surrounding, but it’s $100 to score space there. (Below is the main pool)


The Crepes

The Patisserrie’s lineup every morning is a bit of a pain, but it beats the heck out of doing a sit-down breakfast every day and the crepes are To. Die. For.  They are made fresh in front of you and they have a selection of both sweet and savoury options.  My personal faves are the Berry or the Carmelized Banana.  With real whipped cream, it’s a heavenly way to start the day, no matter what your wake up time happens to be in Vegas.

The Conservatory

The Conservatory and Botanical Garden inside the Bellagio is second to none.  Five times a year they switch out hundreds of thousands of beautiful plants and flowers for a new seasonal display.  The Fall Harvest displayed hundreds of giant pumpkins in an array of colours grown specifically for the Conservatory during our stay.  The Holiday display featuring a 45-foot, 8000 lb tree opened December 6th.

bellagio bear

Photo Credits:
S Ackerman,  B Martin




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