5 Ways to Make Mom Life Easier

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We have all been there. Exhausted, tired, trying to keep it all together, it has almost become the definition of “mom life”.  While it does seem crazy at times, there are other times where it is so rewarding and so complaining about it, or asking for help seems silly.



It is quite alright moms, to feel tired and admit to needing help. There is no shame in needing a little tip here and there, or reaching out for advice, or a hand. In fact, we suggest it.

On the days where maybe mom life is just a bit more than you can manage that day, here are 5 things you can do to make it just a bit easier.

Ways to make mom life easier

Schedule different tasks for different days.

Do not worry about getting it all done. Why burn yourself out? You are doing a great job, so pace yourself. Try to spread things out. So if you had to get groceries, clean the bathroom, do laundry and sew a costume for a birthday party…spread it all out over the course of the week. Put one major task per day (maximum 2). As you complete your major goal for the day, if you feel you can tackle another, you will feel amazing vs. defeated. Setting realistic goals can do a lot for you feeling accomplished, and may actually give a sense of happiness vs. getting overwhelmed by a giant list. Try it. It really works wonders.

Get groceries delivered or use a pick-up service.

Save-On-Foods, specifically, has a great service where they have shoppers on-site for you. Yes, you! You can shop the entire store from your home, online, and arrange to either have it delivered (for a small fee) or pick-up and have the groceries brought out to your car. This is fairly new, but a real time and energy saver. Now you don’t have to worry about packing all the kids in the car, and tackling that grocery list while managing to keep them from throwing a tantrum. Your grocery shopping (and other items) just got a lot easier.

Ask for help.

Many of us want to do it all, and go through the struggles because, well that’s life. However, if you are truly exhausted, do yourself a favour, and the kids, and ask for help. There is no shame in doing so. Have a friend, relative, or neighbour come by and give you a hand with the kids, so that you can get some errands done, or take a shower. Tell your partner what your biggest challenges may be, and maybe spread out some of the things that would be easier for you in the day. No matter what, there is always a solution, and you never know unless you ask. Even the most amazing moms out there, have asked for help occasionally, so don’t worry.

Sign up for a weekly meal delivery service.

Vancouver, and the lower mainland, have some amazing meal delivery services available. Not only do they prepare and have meals sent to you, but they really focus on healthy ingredients, local sustainability, and the food is great as well! If you are worried about the cost, opt to do this for just once a week…although you would be surprised that most of the services available are not as costly as you perhaps think. A few companies to check out include: The Soup Solution, Chomp Vegan Eatery, Eat Your Cake, Fresh Prep, Real Meals, or Fuud. 

Take a nap – ignore that list.

When all else fails, and you are feeling drained, just forget it. Forget it all, and take a nap. The world will continue, and things will eventually get done. Take the kids and join in their nap-time. Listen to your body, while you may want to do it all, sometimes your mind and body are telling you to take time and rejuvenate and rest. Trust us, you deserve it.


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