5 Tips For Keeping Baby Happy In the Car

Having a new little bundle of joy added to your family always creates challenges in your day to day life. Of course one of those challenges is actually getting around to complete errands with baby coming along for the ride. Of course sometimes the most challenging part of these outings is travelling in the car. Keeping your little one content enough to not be a driving distraction can sometimes be a big challenge. Which is why we have 5 tips for keeping baby happy in the car, so you can get things done with ease!

Timing is Everything

You know your baby best and as their parent you have found a routine that works for you. Using this as an indicator you can tell when the best and the worst times would be for you and your little one to try to check some tasks off your errand list. Going out when baby is overtired, though sometimes unavoidable, is a recipe for instant disaster. It can be so hard on both you and your little one to try and get things done or go to events, for everyone’s sake take the time to rest and do it another time.

Get Them Used to Their Car Seat

If you notice car rides to be consistently hard with your little one it might be time to take a look at your car seat. You might have done your research and bought the best in your mind and had it installed properly. But your baby might still not find it comfortable to them. No one wants to be stuck inside an uncomfortable seat for long car rides. Sometimes it is just a baby having a personal vendetta against being confined to a singular space. All babies want to do is move and being forced into stillness can be hard for many. Letting them play with their car seat in the house while not in the car can help them get used to it and see it as a fun experience.


When you are in a bad mood music can do wonders when it comes to turning your frown upside down. Same goes for your baby, especially if mommy is singing along for them! It can be a great way to bond and laugh together while you drive. Keep trying different music at home so you know what your baby really enjoys for those times when you need a little extra help while driving. So put on those shades, crank those tunes and jam out with your favorite little fan!

keeping baby happy

Keep it Simple

Planning out your car ahead of time can be the best way for you to keep your cool while on the road with your baby. Creating easy to grab snacks, toys, books and everything else in between that you could need – is the perfect way to keep everyone smiling. These great organization tips from Picky Stitch are great and can easily be adapted for all the stages of your kids growth. Remember it is all about keeping it all easily accessible for you and your little one. Having your car setup to have everything you need in specific places will make it way easier than digging around a messy car trying to find a baby wipe or the granola bar you dropped.

How is Your Cars Environment?

No one is happy getting into a hot stuffy car or getting into a cold one that has no heating. Making sure that your cooling and heating systems work in your car is crucial for days with extreme heat or extreme cold. Nothing puts a baby in a worse mood faster than an environment they hate and can’t get away from. You also have to make sure you are dressing them appropriately, not under dressing or over dressing. Especially making sure to keep jackets off while in the car seat to keep your baby the safest it can be while traveling with you on the road. For those sunny days that just don’t quit you can easily buy or create a simple window shade for your car! It is a great way to ensure your little one isn’t getting sun in their eyes and are as comfortable as possible while you drive.

Take the time to plan a head, enjoy the ride and get things done with ease!

Tell us in the comments: what are some of your tricks for keeping baby happy while you drive?

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