5 Ways to Surprise your Kids with a Trip to Disneyland!

A couple of weeks ago we took our kids to Disneyland.  We had been planning the trip for months but we decided to make it special and not tell them until we were about to leave; it’s an amazing surprise and it saves you from the daily complaining and questions on when are you going to leave.  How do you do it though?  Sure you can just tell them but why not make it fun and special.  Here are 5 ways that you can surprise your kids with a trip to Disneyland!

Mickey Mouse - Family 1

Scavenger Hut

Place Disney characters around the house holding a clue.  The clue leads them to the next location and they can collect the characters along the way.  Once the get to the end, a gift is there for them to open.  It can contain an airplane ticket, a letter from Mickey Mouse, or items that they can use to figure out where they are going.

Airport Surprise

Have the car packed without the kids knowing.  Tell your kids that you all have to go do some errands and just drive to the airport.  Once you get to the airport, you can tell them where you’re going.  Won’t they be shocked!!!


This is what we did with our kids; we gave them a present filled with items to help them figure it out.  We bought them new Disney-themed backpacks and filled it with items they would need for carry on during the plane ride.  We also put in a Disney-themed t-shirt, Mickey Mouse stickers and coloring books, and a plane ticket that I had created to put the pieces together.  Obviously, you can fill your present with whatever you choose


Put Together the Puzzle

Use a large poster board or construction paper (you can also buy precut, blank puzzle boards) and write the words “We’re Going To Disneyland!”  Cut up the page in shapes like a traditional puzzle.  Present the puzzle to your children however you choose and let them put the pieces together and watch their reactions!

Special Meal

Make your kids a delicious meal, Disney style.  Try waffles or pancakes in the shapes of Mickey Mouse or even just special Mickey Mouse shaped plates.

disney breakfast

However you choose to do it, a surprise trip to Disneyland is something that your children will remember for a lifetime!  Enjoy your trip!!


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