7 Fall Themed Crafts You Can Do With Baby

The leaves are already changing and starting to fall, lining the streets in their crunchy autumn colors. Your little ones are running off to school excitedly but some of you still have young kids and babies and home to entertain and make memories with. So we here at Modern Mama thought it would be the perfect time to share these 7 fall themed crafts you can do with baby!

Baby Bums Galore

Everyone’s little baby has one of the cutest bums around. We can all say it and we can all agree that little bums are just the cutest. So of course we would want to take a moment to immortalize it in the best way possible. This Bum-pkin Painting by the Sweet Mama is exactly the ticket to do that. This adorable craft can be part of your fall decor every year, or for as long as they will let you.

Fall themed crafts

Photo by: Sweet Mama [SOURCE]

Tiny Fingers & Tiny Bats

Your little ones are so curious and happy to make a mess, so why not take advantage of it by creating some art? These Fingerpaint Bat Silhouettes by Crafty Morning is the perfect idea to capitalize on their sporadic creativity! The best part is you can completely control the color choices for this so it goes with all your decor perfectly and if you want to you can even sprinkle it with glitter to add a splash.

Pretty Pumpkins

Fall doesn’t always have to be uniform to the same colors over and over again. If you are more the type of person that loves more vibrant colours we have just the craft for you and your baby! These Colorful Mosaic Pumpkins by Toddler Approved are exactly what you need to decorate the hallways of your home this Fall.

Leaves For Your Door

Leaves are falling all over the place and that means there is free art supplies all over the place waiting for you to decorate with. I mean it, don’t let those falling beauties go to waste. Immortalize them with some creative crafting like this Autumn Leaf Wreath by Crafts for all Seasons. This is something you can have a kid at any age create and it looks great on your front door to welcome all your guests.

fall themed crafts

Make For Baby

This is fall craft isn’t necessarily one that you would make with baby, but it is great to make for baby. This Pumpkin Spice Playdough by small + friendly is perfect for getting into the fall spirit. You can truly make pumpkin spice everything and that even includes playdough. Once you get great at the recipe you can adapt it to all seasons too!

Simple & Messy

There is nothing better than simple and messy when it comes to play time or art time with your little one. As much as the clean up can sometimes be a little rough it is worth its weight in memories and this craft is ideal for just that. The Fall Leaf Painting by Minnie-mama is great for little ones just getting a handle for painting and creating. No matter the mess you are guaranteed to create and make the perfect fall memories.

Fall themed crafts

Photo by: Crafty Morning [SOURCE]

Turkey Day Hand Creations

For us here in Canada Thanksgiving is coming up a lot sooner and you can’t have thanksgiving without a turkey craft from your kids. It just doesn’t feel the same when you don’t see a funny little turkey creation of some kind. This Leaf Turkey by Crafty Morning is brilliant for us here in Canada. Since our thanksgiving is a little earlier the leaf varieties are plentiful making this craft simple and a fun scavenger hunt in the process.


Custom Soft Enamel Pins and Custom Die-Cut Stickers

When it comes to fall keepsakes, nothing beats soft enamel pins and die-cut stickers. You can design any shapes, colors, words, images, or even images drawn by yourself! These delicate items are suitable to be worn on your clothes, bags, or other places, and they are also great gifts for you and your little one. Besides, custom die-cut stickers are also the best art supplies you can share with your child. To make a fall painting together, decorate your tables, journals, notebooks, and everything you like. I believe you will have a fun day with your child with a cute soft enamel pin and custom die-cut stickers. If you’re not into designing your own enamel pins, you can also find a unique selection of pre-made designs at the quirky store called Funky Pins. They offer a wide variety of charming enamel pins that can instantly add a touch of whimsy to your fall wardrobe or make for delightful gifts.

Now take some of these ideas and go make some memories!

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