7 Kid Approved Vegan Summer Dessert Recipes

Vegan Summer Dessert Recipes

Summer is here and that means we are hosting and attending lots of great BBQs with our friends and family. Of course when it comes to getting together in large groups we always seem to come across a universal issue.

Dietary restrictions.

With such large groups there are always food issues and pleasing everyone can be hard. So this Summer Modern Mama wants to do our part in making your Summer parties a little easier. This time around we are going to help you with your vegan friendly dessert dilemmas with these 7 kid approved vegan Summer dessert recipes!

Whenever I think of Summer cool limes and coconuts always come to mind. This is why I knew some of my favorite lime desserts had to be on this list for you guys to try. They’re super good, pretty simple and are tested crowd pleasers. This Vegan Coconut Key Lime Pie by Rebecca Coleman  is a brilliant idea for any gathering whether you are hosting or you are attending. It travels well and is beyond refreshingly delicious. Bringing this beauty along with maybe some of her amazing Vegan Key Lime Donuts and you will literally be the queen of the BBQ. Non-vegans, kids and picky eaters of all kids will love these – trust me.

Vegan Summer Dessert Recipes

Photo by Dreena Burton [SOURCE]

Another truly Canadian dessert that should be at every BBQ and party is the traditional Nanaimo Bar. These brilliant little creations are everyone’s favorite and they can come in so many flavor combinations too so never shy from getting creative. For those purists out there that want to stick to tradition these Vegan Nanaimo Bars by Dreena Burton are just pure perfection. Not one person will be able to even tell they are vegan, and the kids will be stuffing their faces with them to no end if they are anything like me as a kid!

Vegan Summer Dessert Recipes

Photo by Rebecca Coleman [SOURCE]

Rhubarb is something that screams Summer time since it grows in every garden and even wild. It is an amazing tart treat that I have fond childhood memories of – especially during the Summer. Sitting in the grass with a fresh stick of rhubarb and a little sugar or honey for dipping. It was heaven. Much like these Vegan Rhubarb Dream Bars by Rebecca Coleman. These will definitely have everyone dreaming that you brought them an endless supply of these beauties.

Thinking of having an ice cream bar at your next party?? Make sure you have vegan options ready to go, with great vegan topping options! Coconut ice creams are always a great option even for those who aren’t vegan, they are creamy and delicious and paired with great toppings can be even more amazing. Think outside the regular nuts and sprinkles toppings, why not a delicious sauce like this Blackberry Lavender Sauce by Mumfection. It is a great way to start using those late summer blackberries growing all over the neighborhood.

Vegan Summer Dessert Recipes

Another great Blackberry dessert idea would be these incredible Berry Pie Crumble Bars by North South Blonde are a perfect treat to eat while on the move at a party. They are super easy, super delicious and perfect for people of all ages. You can even get your little ones to help with the picking blackberries for this droolworthy little treat. This is an ideal recipe if you are looking for something to make with your kids with its simple ingredients and method. The crumbling on top is always my kids favorite thing to add when we are creating in the kitchen together.

Now if you really want to wow your crowd with something they would never dream of being vegan these Cookie Dough Wrapped Ice Cream Balls by Erin Ireland are just what you need. These are some of the most incredible little balls of happiness you can ever bestow on a party. All the kids will be all over them so make sure you make plenty. There will be people going for 6ths for sure, making you the belle of the ball that day!

We hope these recipes help you make those vegans and kids at your party even happier this year!

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