7 Patio Drinks Perfect For A Hot Spring Day

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It is starting to look and feel a lot like Spring time finally here in Canada and we couldn’t be happier. The nice weekends are bringing people out of their homes to fix up their yards and patios. The days of lounging in the backyard with friends and family over a few patio drinks perfect for any hot Spring day. That is why we have done our best to find some of the yummiest drinks of the year to help you start enjoying that beautiful Spring weather.

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco from Aberdeen’s Kitchen

This lovely drink is both gorgeous and refreshing with its sweet tartness. It is a great way to start relaxing in your garden, using a a lovely rose prosecco this drink will wow your guests too! This drink is even the perfect way to use up those raspberries in your garden which would really give it that added freshness. Cheers to a fresh beautiful Spring.

Springtime Sangria from The Crumby Kitchen

Patio weather is all about having friends and family over for a few nibbles and a couple drinks while chatting about everything and nothing. What you really need for something like that is a great shareable sangria and this springtime sangria from the crumby kitchen. It is a great drink to whip up when you know company is coming and this wonderful woman makes it using what is in her own garden. Of course our Canadian climate doesn’t always make lime trees possible.

Tipsy Strawberry Mint Lemonade from Mumfection

Using a great Canadian vodka mumfection created the perfect thirst quenching tipsy lemonade that is ideal for any hot spring day. I especially love to use all my different mint varieties to add a different take on each and every drink. A great drink for keeping you and your friends cool on your patio, deck or heck even boat if you are that lucky.

patio drinks

Image Credit Pexels.com

Fun Fiesta Sangria from Raising Jay & Abel

There is so much buzz this year with Cinco de Mayo and that means many of you are planning great parties to celebrate with friends! Which is exactly where this amazing Fiesta Sangria from Raising Jay & Abel is a great addition to your Cinco de Mayo party this year. You don’t want your party guests to go thirsty and this is the perfect way to do it. Jam packed with tons of fruit which is great on a hot spring day.

Lemonade Mimosa from Ava to Zoe

Now if you are looking for a twist on a classic than this lemonade mimosa is a great choice. This light refreshing drink is perfect when you are in need of something thirst quenching. Not too sweet and not to tart this is the perfect lemonade mix for any adult guests you have coming over to enjoy a hot Spring day. It is even a great recipe to dress up with fruits for added color and flavors!

Bourbon Peach Smash Recipe from Ava to Zoe

Looking for something with a bit more of a sophisticated kick to it? Then this Bourbon Peach Smach from Ava to Zoe is the perfect strong drink you’ve been searching for. Armed with this beauty your guests will be wowed by how you created this amazing drink. A great crowd pleasure for all your guests, men and women alike.

Bubbly Strawberry Mojitos from Garnish with Lemon

Sticking on trend with the Rose theme of 2018 this great little bubbly cup of goodness is exactly what you needed. It is pure bliss in a glass and has to be in my top 5 drinks this year. Especially since this recipe will help me use up all the delicious strawberries I will have growing in my garden this year. Pair this with some lovely home grown mints (pineapple mint being my favorite addition) and you will fall head over heals for this drink.

With these drinks on your Spring time list it will be hard for you to keep those guests at their own homes!

What Spring patio drink do you love every year?


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