7 Rose Ice Creams To Cool You Off This Summer

Rose Ice Cream Rose and Pistachio Ice Cream by Kitchen @ Hoskins

This Summer has been a hot one and that means many of us are looking for some delicious ways to cool off. So to cool off in style we gathered up some of the most beautiful and delicious Rose ice creams that are so addictive you’ll be making them year round!

Rose Ice Cream

Rose Ice Cream by Binjal’s VEG Kitchen

Rose Ice Cream from Binjal’s VEG Kitchen

This great ice cream is perfect for being introduced to the deliciousness that are roses. Usually looked at as just a flower this versatile bloom is perfect for desserts. This light creamy ice cream is a perfect way to get into the world of flower based desserts. Overall a great way to cool off on your patio this summer.

Rose Ice Cream

Lavender Rose Ice Cream by SugarHero

Lavender Rose Ice Cream from SugarHero

I love lavender desserts, in fact during the holidays I love to use it in sugar cookies as a great added bit of elegance. When you combine Lavender and Rose in this ice cream it is nothing short of magic. This totally decadent ice cream is a great way to wow the ladies at that hot afternoon Summer tea party. Really show off your skills with this simple to do dessert and have your girlfriends talking about it all the time. In fact you might get stuck making it for every get together you plan together.

Rose Ice Cream

Rose and Pistachio Ice Cream by Kitchen @ Hoskins

Rose and Pistachio No-Churn Ice Cream from Kitchen @ Hoskins

I don’t know about you but I love pistachio ice cream and every time I hit a new ice cream shop I give their pistachio ice cream a try. But this ice cream you can make at home and you can do so without having to churn it, making it that much easier to pull off at home. It is a great little treat to spoil yourself with this Summer, perfect for sneaking in the kitchen when the kids aren’t looking.

Rose Ice Cream

Rose Ice Cream by Salt & Lavender

Rose Ice Cream from Salt & Lavender

If you are looking for another amazing and simple Rose ice cream this version is another great choice. Filled with even more color this is a great simple choice to help you see how delicious Roses really can be. Salt & Lavender makes it super approachable for anyone just starting out on their ice cream journey. Really wow them with this super unique flavor!

Rosewater and Saffron Ice cream from Food & Wine

Rosewater and Saffron Ice Cream from Food & Wine

This ice cream is one of my top favorites to make – its decadent and looks amazing with its luscious golden colors. It is so amazing after a Summer meal and perfect for sneaking when the kids aren’t looking. A perfect balance between sweet and creamy making it perfect for those who want a dessert without the toothache. It is truly a wonderful way to end a meal.

Strawberry Rose & Hibiscus Ice Cream by The Kitchen McCabe

Strawberry Rose & Hibiscus Ice Cream from The Kitchen McCabe

Who doesn’t love strawberry ice cream? And who is looking for some amazing ways to use all those in season strawberries this Summer? If you are then this is the ice cream for you. With its full, fresh and dynamic flavors this ice cream will turn into one of your new favorite treats. A great dessert to bring to any Summer BBQ to really please a crowd!

Rose Ice Cream

Vegan Rose Ice Cream by Call me Cupcake

Vegan Coconut Rose Ice Cream from Call Me Cupcake 

If you want to enjoy a Vegan rose ice cream this is a great option for you and the best that I have tried when it comes to ease and work-ability. It is a great light ice cream perfect for all your vegan friends and family. It is also a great option if you can’t have dairy so don’t feel like you are missing out on this Rose Ice cream fad, this option will make sure to keep you in the loop.

Rose Ice CreamWith so many Rose Ice creams out there, it will be hard to choose which one to try first!

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