7 Simple Christmas Crafts For Any Age

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With a couple more weeks left before Christmas many of us are running around trying to get things done. Which means we are all in need of a little help in terms of entertaining the kids from time to time so we can get some things done around the house. If these Christmas crafts ignite a passion for artistry in you, turning it into a business might be your next step! Georgians, you can easily form llc in georgia using this helpful resource and start your creative journey in no time.

It is a hard time of year of family schedule juggling so having some really simple crafts to do can be a huge help to any moms schedule. It can also be just a great way to connect as a family after an exhaustively busy day. This is why we created a list of 7 simple Christmas crafts for any age, to help you get in the spirit or keep the kids busy!

DIY Christmas Pop Up Card by Red Ted Art’s Blog
When you have so many amazing people on your list things can get a little overwhelming fast. Getting the kids involved with helping you with cards can be a great way to keep them busy and check things off your to do list all at the same time. These cards are simple, super adaptable, and great to give to any family member. It is a wonderful additional keepsake made by your little ones just for them this holiday season.

Thumb Print String of Lights by Beneath the Rowan Tree
Making gifts for family and friends each year is such a rewarding way to give during the holidays. Creating a great piece of art for those super special people on your list can be a beautiful way to show you care. This thumb print string of lights idea is a great one anyone looking for something beautiful but easy. It is a great gift idea for any grandparents or aunts and uncles on your list this year.

christmas crafts

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Snowmen Ornaments by Happy Hooligans
This is a great craft for a family with multi-age kids. Giving the older kids a chance to help their younger siblings make these adorable crafts for everyone in your family. These are an especially great idea for teacher and mailman gifts to give a little personal touch to all the mugs they will be getting this season. The best part about these is you can easily create these from dollar store items which makes them cost effective for your holidays.

No-Sew Microwave Heating Pads by Unsophisticook
If you have older kids who need to make gifts for a seemingly endless list of people. These brilliant little no sew microwave heating pads are perfect for everyone on your list. There isn’t a person out there that couldn’t use one of these beauties and being able to make them with fun socks will give you the chance to customize them perfectly for each person. These are a super great cheap gift that everyone will actually use.

christmas crafts

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Simply Sentimental Bottle of Memories by Thirty Handmade Days
If your older kids, and maybe yourself, are looking for something more meaningful than a heating pad then these bottles of memories are the perfect idea. Find yourself a great bottle of any kind, dollar stores always have a great selection. Pick a great colorful sand or small decorative rocks etc.. for the bottom and simple place inside miniature things that remind you of that person. These are a honestly one of the sweetest gift ideas for anyone on your list, especially if you want to induce some tear action.

Homemade Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments by True Aim
Looking for something that is both beautiful and will keep your kids attention for a long time? Then these beaded Christmas tree ornaments are the what you are looking for. If you can get them to make a bunch of them they also make gorgeous gift additions. Give them all the colors of the rainbow or pick and choose – but these are a great way to keep their fingers busy. Of course be prepared with the beads and really little kids, this is something you will need to supervise with a younger crowd.

Super Sweet Snowman Feet by House by Hoff
If you need something homemade to incorporate a personal touch from your youngest family member you need to see these super sweet snowman feet. It is a simple little gift any new mom can make while tickling their babies feet with a paint brush. This is a gift anyone one your list would love to get from your baby this christmas.

With all these great craft ideas you’ll be getting things done and checking people off your list this year in no time!

Do you have Christmas crafts that your family always make?

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