9 Easy Tips for Losing Weight

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I am no healthy eating guru, I love cheeseburgers and nachos and high calorie cocktails just as much as the next girl.

However, as some do, I over-indulged over the recent Holidays and now it’s time to get back to reality. Bikini season is just around the corner after all. For those of you going on a Winter holiday or just wanting to eat clean for healthy living, here are my easy tips.

Drink Lemon Water


The health benefits of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning are a plenty. I have begun keeping a supply of lemons on hand and enjoying half a squeezed lemon with hot water and honey mid-morning.

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Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast

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I admit, If I don’t eat my eggs for breakfast and opt for fast cereal or one of the kids waffles, I’m hungry again in no time and it just keeps me snacking all day long (on unhealthy snacks!). When I get my two eggs in the morning, I stay full so much longer which allows me to make smarter choices at lunch because I’m not feeling starved.

Limit Carbs … (especially after Noon)

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One of my favourite dinners’ is Jamie Oliver’s Pesto Salmon and Green Beans. I feel completely full and satisfied until bedtime. Other great low carb dinners we enjoy are chicken breast with roasted broccoli and fish tacos.


Eat More Greens

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We all know veggies and salads are the best choices, yadda yadda yadda. You know what I do when I want a gourmet (read: YUMMY) salad? I go get take out and treat myself to a really delicious healthy choice.

Cut Sugar

Sugar turns into fat.  I did not know this for most of my life and have always been a sweet tooth, so it takes some bit of effort on my part to take sugar totally out of the equation. And Yes, I confess. I drink Coca-Cola. I have recently switched to diet to try to cut the sugar calories and YES!, I KNOW that the fake sugar is not good for me. In fact there have been studies done about how drinking diet sodas can actually cause weight gain.

Get Active

Well duhh. But they say 80% diet, 20% exercise will be the cause of your weight loss, so I focus on healthy eating and cutting sugar FIRST and then get on the elliptical or yoga session when I can. I’ve never been a fan of exercise (but it’s necessary for good health, yah yah.)

Healthy Snacking

I canNOT live without snacks. My picks for great and filling snacks include avocado toast, sugar snap peas, a small bowl of almonds, and hummus with carrots.

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But No Snacks After Dinner

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If you’ve eaten a good dinner then you shouldn’t need to. Remember sugar and carbs turn into fat when your body is at rest, so eating that handful of crackers or bowl of cereal right before hitting the sheets isn’t a great idea. If you are starving by bedtime, a good bedtime snack is cottage cheese (a protein).

Don’t Bother with the Scale

I admit, when I’m eating clean to lose a few pounds for a deadline (ie. vacation), I step on the scale to monitor my progress. I don’t enjoy it though, it kind of sucks. My friend Timmie over at Sassy Wellness wrote a great post about how to weigh yourself (if you must).

Good luck (and wish me luck!)


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