Local Edmonton mama creates life element jewelry, a lasting wearable memory of your unique journey





My name is Monique I am the artist and owner behind A Mother’s Blessed Keepsakes. I am a newly single mama using my spare room as an office and jewelry workshop while my little man slumbers upstairs. I drive a school bus all day and I am honored to create custom DNA keepsakes in the evening. It is my love and passion to transform special DNA inclusions into tangible memory pieces for you. My pieces bring peace and solidity to personal bonds, experiences and feelings.  



For most new moms pregnancy and breastfeeding are an extremely special and exciting journey, from the + pregnancy test, first time hearing a tiny heartbeat, feeling the flutter of movement.  I was not so lucking in my journey. After four very chaotic years of fertility treatments, surgeries and IFV with no + test, my final option was an egg donor and surrogate.  I truly believe people come into our lives for a reason and I am so blessed to have these two amazing women come into my life.  



Once my little miracle arrived all I wanted to do was hold him close and breastfeed him…but sadly I could not do that either. I felt so ashamed…I was such a failure, my body seemed to be betraying me at every turn. I refused to give up, so I started to collect breastmilk from donors far and wide. I would drive hours just to get a few weeks worth to nourish my rainbow baby.  For 13 months the donations were dropped off or picked up, that’s right I was able to feed him for 13 months exclusively on donor breastmilk.

They say it takes a village to raise a child… It took a village to make and raise mine. I will be forever grateful to all of the mamas out there that supported us and continue to support us in our journey.  



I started creating special keepsakes before my son was born. At that time I was working primarily with placenta dust, and cremation ash from both human and pet hair.  My “breastfeeding” journey was both difficult and rewarding simultaneously. I felt the urge, the need to commemorate both it and my strength.

So I set off on a new keepsake trail. The search to find a safe, natural and lasting preservation method for breastmilk. I spent the next few years researching and experimenting methods. I wanted to ensure the pieces I crafted for others would not deteriorate or discolor with time. Using the tips and tricks I learned over the years, I developed my own chemical free preservation method for breastmilk, with which I now create a custom, odorless breastmilk stones to use in your keepsakes.

The most amazing part is that every drop of breastmilk is singularly unique in its color and consistency. They can vary from a creamy yellow to pearly white, from opaque to translucent. This is why your stone will be as totally individualized as your experience.  


Creating breastmilk and life element jewelry is a passion of mine and I am honored to share it with you in memory of your unique journey. I create all types of keepsakes whether it is with pet or human Cremation ash, baby teeth, Locks of hair, Placenta dust, Dried flowers, Umbilical cord, Soil, even Fabric. Options are limitless!  Owning and operating my own business gives me the heartwarming experience to work individually with each customer to create one of a kind unique treasures which make your unique experiences last a lifetime.




A mothers blessed keepsakes


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