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*Disclosure: I did receive a complimentary service in exchange for this blog post. As always all my opinions are my own*


The struggle of finding the right skin care line is real. If you’re like me and are prone to breakouts even into your 30’s ( seriously…). You are desperate to find products that make any sort of improvement. Unfortunately, that means spending a lot of your time and money experimenting which is extremely frustrating.  What I have come to find out over the last couple of years trying new products is that even with a stellar skin care regime your skin could still need some help. Especially here in Alberta, where your skin can get very dehydrated especially in the Winter time. I also came to find out my skin isn’t as oily as I once thought. So, the acne line I was on was drying out my skin like crazy and making me break out. Thankfully, I visited Dermalounge and was recommended some treatments to help get my skin back on track so that the skin care regime could do its job properly.



Located Downtown in the beautiful LeMarchand Mansion, DermaLounge Medispa and Laser Clinic provides medical esthetics treatments performed by fully certified Medical Estheticians and qualified medical professionals. Using the latest technologies and techniques their highly skilled technicians can help you enhance your natural beauty.


My Experience

I visited Dermaloung on a Friday to come in and sit down with Riley for my consultation. There I filled out my information about my skin and what I was hoping to achieve. Once that was filled out we discussed everything I had written down and came up with a treatment plan. Mine would include a series of peels to deal with my breakouts and once my skin cleared up we would try Microneedling. When I came in for my treatment the following week we snapped some before photographs and got down to business. Riley was great at explaining each product prior to putting it on my skin which I appreciated.

The treatment I came in for was their Signature Lift which is mainly the introductory peel. This peel will exfoliate, resurface and prep the skin for customizable products and future treatments. I was completely comfortable throughout the whole treatment. I know some people get freaked out by the idea of the peel however, Dermalounge likes to do their peel in layers with different products. This helps avoid having an intense tingling or burning sensation and is a much more effective way of speeding up cell turnover. I completely fell in love with the amazing skin care line that they carry called Image Skincare. All IPeel & Signature Lifts include a complimentary post-treatment kit to help maximize those results!


#DLaddict Membership

This is an incredible new program that Dermalounge is offering! You can now enjoy exclusive discounts year round with the #DLaddict Membership.

Some of these amazing discounts include:

  • One monthly facial
  • 10% off all retail
  • 15% off other medi-spa treatments
  • 10% off cosmetic injectibles

Additional Benefits:

  • Payment plan options for skincare bundles over $450
  • Auto-replenishment skincare option with free shipping
  • Unlimited free consultations ( $80 value)
  • Private event invitations
  • Exclusive monthly promotions for spa members
  • Discounted spa upgrades & add-ons ( ex. upgrade your monthly facial to a chemical peel as I had for an exclusive member-only price)  


The cost of this amazing membership is only $95/month!

For more information visit their website here!


Final Thoughts

I have already seen some amazing results since my Signature Life and the start of using their Image Skincare line. With peels especially you do need to do a series of them to see full results and I look forward to sharing that with you over the next couple of months. So stay tuned to my social media and the blog as I will be documenting my skincare journey with Dermalounge.


For more information about Dermaloune Med-Spa and Laser Clinic visit their website here!

Edmonton Medipsa & Laser Clinic

Suite 113 LeMarchand Mansion

11523 100 Ave,

Edmonton, AB T5K 0J8

(780) 761-3376






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