Activities for Moms to Do During Their Downtime

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Being a mama is a full-time job. And if you have a regular full-time day job on top of that, it can all be too much sometimes. That’s exactly why you deserve some much-needed downtime! It’s essential that you recharge and nourish your own passions to get the most from life. Explore the wide world of possibilities for moms seeking balance and self-care.

Whether you want to get creative with arts and crafts, release pent-up energy with yoga, or expand your mind through reading and educational courses, these activities can fit nicely into your already packed schedule. Browse through this range of ideas that cater to the diverse interests of moms and feel empowered when you thrive as both a parent and an individual. Your life may look drastically different after kids, but you are still you!

Book Clubs & Educational Courses

Joining book clubs, reading on your own, and taking educational courses online or in person are fantastic avenues to expand your intellectual horizons and connect with like-minded individuals. Cozying up with a good book can also just serve as a fabulous escape into other worlds. Let your mind wander when you join a book club or sign up for educational courses through your local community college or library.

Want to learn more about art history, psychology, engineering, or business management? Adult learning centres or universities near you often allow students to audit courses, meaning you can attend without enrolling or receiving a final grade.

Nurture your intellect and personal growth through reading and learning. Both stimulate cognitive function, improve concentration, beat the blues, and reduce stress. Your world can get smaller when you’re a mom, so open the gateways to other subjects, ideas, and a mental escape from your day-to-day.

Physical Activities

Exercise is good for you! Regular workouts keep you strong mentally and physically. Home-based activities are super accessible for moms who want to sneak in a naptime workout. Stretching or yoga routines are all over YouTube and Instagram, as are HIIT workouts and lifting regimens.

If you prefer to get out of the house, joining a gym can be an excellent place for group exercise classes. Many gyms offer childcare services while their members are working out. Or even research local hiking and open-water swimming groups. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to sweat and grow stronger while getting to know new people. Self-care through exercise and community engagement for the win!


Take a nap—seriously. Not all your downtime has to be “productive.” Watch a movie, have a snack, curl up under a blanket with a hot cup of tea (or a nice cocktail in the evening) and just chill out. Moms are under so much pressure to stay active, work hard, parent perfectly, and look good. You deserve to tune out! A full-on spa day can be especially luxurious, but if that’s not in the stars, a bath and a sheet mask will do it a pinch. Even a fifty-minute massage from a nearby masseuse can work wonders.

Release yourself from society’s expectations that you must make the most of every moment you aren’t parenting by doing something. Instead, do nothing! Alone time and introspection are crucial in this age of constant connectivity.

Organizational Options

If you were all about Marie Kondo when her KonMari craze swept the globe, downtime can be a great opportunity to organize your life. Kids come with a lot of stuff, from tiny shoes to toys, diapers, rash creams, books, and much more. Organizing can be a rewarding task that starts small and grows as you go. There are a number of techniques out there, so try a few and find what works well for your family.

Cleaning up clutter doesn’t have to be all about someone else either. Sort through your own clothes and organize a wardrobe swap with your pals. Clean out your purse or organize important files to streamline your work or personal life. It’s so satisfying once you’re done, and you’ll know just where everything is.

This could also be an opportunity for a little retail therapy—maybe you’ll stumble upon something you’re missing or need some organizational accouterments like labels, plastic containers, or draw inserts.


Having fun is not just for the elementary-aged crowd. Discover a love for tabletop games and video games—there are a ton for adults. Or try your hand at slots when you browse the enormous selection of games available online. And if you’re into gambling and a sports enthusiast, online sports betting can also be a fun wager.

If you want to break away from screens, go outside and embrace your inner child. Collect autumn leaves, take a turn on the swings, fly a kite at the beach, and ride your bike around just for fun. Whether you want to launch a new mission with complex and long-lasting adult board games, win big, or discover the world around you, play is good for the body and the soul.

Mindfulness Practices

Try meditating if you feel mental upheaval or uneasiness. Concentrated efforts to calm your mind can go a long way and bring a deep introspection that your life may have been missing. Get started by using apps or books, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a lifelong habit that has proven positive benefits.

Mindfulness practice can also look like practicing intentional breathing exercises, journaling, and simply registering the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations that surround you at any given moment.

Giving Back

Use your downtime to volunteer, if you so please! Soup kitchens always need help making sandwiches and serving underserved populations. Or maybe you can read to the elderly or help keep them sharp with crosswords and other puzzles.

Donating clothing and other extras you have around also goes a long way for families who can only afford to shop at goodwill or other second-hand stores. You can feel good about using your free time in this way if charitable giving matters to you.

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