Activity Bags for Travel with Kids

Activity Bags for Travel

These bags could be used both for flights or road-trips, even just for a weekend getaway to give you and your partner a few extra minutes of quiet.


I put these together for my girls for our recent family vacation. This worked especially well for my five-year old and kept her from just using the iPad the entire time we were away. I love tech, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like she’s learning and engaging her brain power a little more when she’s drawing, colouring and creating than when she’s playing video games and watching Max & Ruby NON. STOP.


So here goes. What should you put in your activity bag? Well, it depends on the age of your child of course. I was able to put the same items in all three of my girls’ bags thankfully. This would be suitable for a child aged 4+. (If you have a tot, replace a few items with simple puzzles, fish crackers or cheerios, crayons and more stickers.)


  • Pouch (Dollarama)
  • Clipboard (Target)
  • Pencil Case (Chapters/Indigo)
  • Markers (Dollarama)
  • Pencil Crayons (Dollarama)
  • Sticky notepads (Dollarama)
  • Stickers (Chapters/Indigo and Dollarama)
  • Tape (Michaels)
  • Gum, Lollipops
  • Babyganics Hand Sanitizer
  • Kleenex pouch
  • EOS Lipbalm

I gave my girls the bags the day before travel while we were all packing our carry-ons. This way each of them carried their own activity bag in their backpacks and already knew what was in them so they could pack other items accordingly.

FullSizeRender (24)

In a separate (surprise) bag, I packed a few games and toys to pull out during the flight for the “I’m Bored!” moments. This bag contained simple inexpensive things I also bought at the Dollar Store (The Dollar Tree in the U.S. has some very cool finds).








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