Advent Calendar Ideas for Your Family


Come December 1st, it’s fun to participate in a family Advent calendar. (You’ll find a whole bunch of different Advent ideas on our Pinterest board too.)

Our Advent calendar tradition started the year I made these little advent envelopes to string along the fireplace.  Each envelope holds a different activity for the day. I focused on experiences rather than gifts because with three children, gifts each day is cost prohibitive and we already do a daily chocolate advent calendar for each member of our family! TIP: Place your activity in the envelope the night before so that you know what you have planned for the day and you’re sure it’s something you can fit into the day.

advent make your own

Make your own

I made envelopes using scrapbook paper. You can use colourful paper that matches your decor, or Holiday themed papers.

Use these instructions for tracing, cutting and folding your envelopes.  Make 24 small ones, or even 31 if you want to include the entire month of December.

Number each envelope. I used round labels and printed the numbers on them with a printer.

Create 24 activities you would like to enjoy with your family and print or write them out on small sheets of paper that will fit into your envelopes. Some of our advent activities include the following. (more great ideas here.):

  • Bake cookies
  • Make cards for our teachers or neighbours
  • Go for a drive to see Christmas light displays
  • Go ice skating
  • Visit a local attraction with a Christmas theme
  • Donate food at the local food bank
  • Watch a Family Christmas movie
  • Family Game Night
  • Build & decorate gingerbread houses
  • Decorate the tree
  • Attend a local Christmas Craft Fair
  • Visit Santa at the mall

A family advent calendar is a tradition your child will be sure to love.



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