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Hi internet world! (Yes he actually said that!)

I am Lucas, and I am six years old.  Just so you know, my mom is actually typing this because I can’t spell really good yet.

My mom asked me questions about her for her website.  She is such a good mom.

How old is mom?

Lucas: 19

How many pounds does mom weigh?

Lucas: 100 pounds (Isn’t he the sweetest?!)

Do you know what moms favorite color is?

Lucas: Probably…. Pink

What is moms favorite food?

Lucas: Pizza

What does mom always say?

Lucas: umm.. Bad Words..  (Always so honest…)

What food does mom make the best?

Lucas: Cheeseburgers

Do you know what moms job is?

Lucas: Modern Mama

When does mom laugh?

Lucas: When I make funny faces and tickle her

If mom had more time, what would she do more of?

Lucas: Cuddling with us (he means him and his brother)

What do you and mom like to do together?

Lucas: Go to Ikea

What does mom really love?

Lucas: Me and Parker

Why do you LOVE your mom?

Lucas: She feeds me

This is a picture of me and my brother. Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Lucas D and Parker J

Lucas D and Parker J

*Full disclosure* I did not change any of his answers, and this is exactly the way he wanted this post.


Happy Mothers Day to all you fabulous Moms out there!!

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    Love the honesty!!! Such a great kid!! But then, such a great family!

    Dig your website too!

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