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World of Firsts

As your little one is experiencing all of their firsts, remember that the little moments are just as important as the big ones! The first time they smile, laugh and roll over are just as exciting as the first time they visit family & spend a night away from home. Nestle Good Start wants to support you through all of the firsts with  World of Firsts!


 This is Elliott and she loves having her picture taken! #babysfirstselfie

Elliott is six months old and has two older brothers who she adores. It seems she is trying to capture their attention and has experienced a lot of firsts in the past month.

She said her first word(s). I’m sure that I heard her say Mama (first) and then Da-da but now all she says is Da-da-da-da! It is super cute but I wish she would say Mama more! ha ha

photo (73)

She started army crawling so she can get closer to her brothers and play chew on all of their toys! As quickly as they take something away from her she is able to find something else to chew on. Things get pretty busy around our house but I try to enjoy all of these firsts as time goes way too fast.


The first time she ate peas! When we introduced Elliott to bottles she did great and her first bottle went down with ease. This little lady loves to eat but now that we have introduced foods she is quite opinionated on what she likes and does not like.

Share a selfie of your little one and help feed a child in need with the Food Bank of Canada

Nestle Good Start wants to celebrate all of your baby’s firsts with you! Connect with them on Social media by using the hashtag: #babysfirstselfie. If you share a selfie of your little one on social media and use the hastag #babysfirstselfie and #nohungykids Nestle Good Start will make a donation to help feed a child in need through the Food Bank of Canada! Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #babysfirstselfie & #nohungrykids to show your support.

Nestle Good Start loves and celebrates all of baby’s firsts; especially the ones that do a little good!

Be sure to check out Nestle Baby’s World of Firsts and then head over to your social media {Facebook; Twitter & Instagram} to share your #babysfirstselfie to support the Food Bank of Canada! Let your friends and family know about the World of Firsts Program but using #babysfirstselfie  #nohungrykids  so we can all help kids in need across the country!

What first is your little one celebrating this month?




** This post was generously sponsored by Nestle Baby, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit http://firsts.nestle-baby.ca/ **

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