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Have you heard?  I know, I may have mentioned it a few times already, but I think Pinterest happens to be the neatest thing since, well, sliced bread, perhaps?  It’s an online catalog of things you love – images of them.  Someone on Twitter called it “a way for women to make their own online magazine of all the things they like”.  Great description!

I’ve been pinning at my account for a while, but I also started up an Urban Infant collection, and some of our very favourite things relating to pregnancy through preschool in style, can be found there.

Check out some of my faves here ….

1 | This image of ‘You Are My Sunshine’.  I would so hang this in my home!

2 | 20 Questions with your child – ‘love this idea!  I am going to start it with Ivy’s 3rd birthday next month!

3 | Mommy calling cards.  Get them on Etsy $28

4 | A Favourite Things Party – you share an inexpensive ‘favourite thing’ with some closest pals!  What a brilliant way to share a ladies night out!

5 | Wooden (homemade) peg superhero dolls.  So adorable!  Learn how here.

Pinterest inspires creativity, cooking, photography, fashion, beauty, interior design, and so much more!

Check out the Urban Infant boards with everything Pregnancy through Preschool In Style, we have pregnancy (tons of shower ideas, maternity photography, recommended reading, cool announcements and more!), baby, tot & kid, and so much more inspiration curated to share!


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    Pinterest looks great. I see so many people using it, but you can’t just get an account. It seems to be exclusive, and you need to be invited to join. Can you invite people or share an invitation link?

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