The Best of Vancouver this Summer for only $50 with Kidsworld

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Picture in your mind for a second that moment when your child tries something new and loves it.  They have a sense of accomplishment and joy, a smile comes across their face, and you witness the beginning of a life-long passion.

Kidsworld is all about these shared moments for children and those they love.  They have a calendar of events all summer long filled with a wide range of amazing activities and events.  They partner with many of Vancouver’s great organizations to let you have these experiences without hurting the pocketbook.

With a Kidsworld pass, both you and your child get free entrance for one day into places like Vancouver Art Gallery (this Friday!), Vancouver Lookout, Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver Police Museum, Maplewood Farm, and tons of other places.  Also with our pass you get unique experiences that you wouldn’t find elsewhere like a Rogers Arena tour, Mad Science experience, a Harbour Cruise, and countless more.  That’s not it!  With a Kidsworld pass your child can also try different activities that they maybe have never tried before such as Martial Arts, Dance, Gymnastics, Biking with Cycling BC, Acting Classes, and other unique hosted events.  Plus there are bonus discounts including 15% off Playland, 60% off Whitecaps FC 2, children free when a parent buys for the Abbotsford Air Show, and $50 off a week at camp for any new campers at Keats Camps and Anvil Island.

ALL of this is a part of your Kidsworld pass, for only $50!  The value is unbeatable, and a summer full of new experiences awaits you!

Any accompanying adult can attend with the child, so grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, summer day camp leaders or friend’s parents can all bring the child to an event. It is also a great program to do with a few friends, and share these memories together.

Look below at the calendar of events for July and August.  You can also join in all year long with the new Kidsworld 44 program, with one event per week for the 44 weeks from September to June!

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July Calendar









August Calendar

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