How Bloggers Make an Income From Their Blog


So, why would you want to become a blogger? Aside from expressing yourself or sharing stories with family afar, it’s generally to start a business.

Businesses need to make money, so how do bloggers do that?

Let’s first define some of the terms we’ll read about so we’re all on the same page:


A brand or blogger network pays you to write about their product/service on your blog


A brand or blogger network pays you to promote their product or service on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


Banner ads placed on your site by an ad network pays you per view or per click.


Promote a product/service and receive a small percentage of sales made directly from your link.


Selling eBooks, online courses, worksheets, stock photos, or other products on your blog.


The brand pays you to host or engage during a Twitter party.


Business pays you to manage their social media channels.


So I’m here to share with you what real Canadian blogger’s annual income actually looks like. So let’s get to it here, shall we?

I would break down my revenue as follows:

  • 60% sponsored campaigns including social-media-only campaigns
  • 20% annual partnerships
  • 10% licensing
  • 10% consulting/influencer management/events

That has changed almost annually over the past ten years that I’ve been in business. I have had years where we had a print publication, and years where licensing was a larger chunk of my revenue.

I asked several blogger friends to open up and share their revenue breakdown as well! Let’s get started



Bonnie, from The Koala Mom, has been blogging for over 11 years! Follow her on Facebook:

“Most of my blog income comes from sponsored posts. I also earn a small amount from affiliate networks and sidebar ads. Some of my income comes in the form of products or services for review. I’m a contributor to an anthology for moms (available on Amazon), which I promote via my blog and social media channels, but it’s hard to measure which book sales are a result of my blogging efforts. Finally, I’m also an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant, and promote products and sales via my blog and social media channels, as clients can order products via my website.”



Stephanie, from How to Survive Life in the Suburbs, has been blogging for 8 years. Follow her on Twitter:

“The majority of my income, approximately 75%, is made directly from my blog in the form of sponsored posts and the brand partnerships that result from those posts. Other income generators include Twitter- through twitter parties or twitter outreach, and paid personal appearances. The smallest part of my income, but on the rise, is income created from opportunities to promote brands on Instagram and Facebook.”



Susan & Janice blog at 5Minutes for Mom and have for 12 years. Follow them on Pinterest:

“For revenue, we focus our efforts on creating custom blog content for clients that we share extensively on our social channels.”






Andrea at Mommy Gearest has been blogging for 6 years (follow her on Instagram):

“My business model was not set up to make money because I fundamentally believe in unpaid reviews. But I do make money from sponsored posts that are “advertorials” rather than reviews, as well as sponsored content on my social channels. I have been a paid brand ambassador, media spokesperson, and event attendee as well.”

Kim has been blogging at Tales of a Ranting Ginger for seven years (follow her on Twitter) and says:

“Most of my money is earned with sponsored posts. I do offer ads and get a small income there, however I find my Canadian audience does not bring me much that way. Social media is a strong income source for me especially Twitter parties. I also make a small income consulting and doing outreach connecting bloggers with clients. In the past I have ran clients social media accounts as well. Multiple revenue streams seems to be the key”

I couldn’t agree more Kim,

I’ll say it again:

“multiple revenue streams seems to be the key”.



Randa, from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen, has been blogging since 2009. Follow her on Pinterest:

“The majority of my income is earned from AdThrive (my ad network). I LOVE them and they don’t slow down my site as much as past networks have. Next biggest earner: sponsored content. After that, it’s affiliate marketing (Amazon, ShareASale, private affiliate opportunities), and digital content (eBooks, eCourses). Passive income is always a winner in my books. This way I can focus on content that I love and am proud of.”



Tara from BCMom has been blogging for 3 years (follow her on Facebook):

“I earn 70% of my income from sponsorships both as branded narratives and social media campaigns. I earn 10% of my income through our newsletter and the remaining is between ad revenue, event attendance, and coaching.”





Jennifer has been blogging for over 10 years and just launched a new one at Single Mommy in the City (find her on Instagram):

“This blog is new and I’ve employed loads of tools I had in place with my other blog so monetization has worked from day 1. Right now this blog is 100% sponsorships, whether it’s sponsored blog posts or solely social posts.”




Louise has been blogging at Talk Nerdy to Me for 12 years (follow her on Pinterest):

“I earn 50% from ads networks and 50% from campaigns”






Olivia blogs at This West Coast Mommy for the past four years (follow her on Facebook):

“Breakdown is roughly 50% sponsored posts, 30% ad networks and advertising, 17% social media consulting/management, 3% affiliate income.”

As you can see, diversity is key

to success in revenue generation when blogging.

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