Modern Mama is 10 Years Old!

Modern Mama

It’s been 10 years for Modern Mama!

On March 30, 2008 I held our very first Beauty Basics at Sephora event in West Edmonton Mall. We enjoyed private shopping, beauty demonstrations and the inside scoop on best products. I loved everything about that event and it fueled many more beauty events over the years. Along with my continued passion for my Modern Mama space!

Modern Mama

Supporting Moms Is Our Passion

I feel just as passionate now as I did then about getting moms out of the house for socialization and educational events. During the weeks after my first daughter was born, I envisioned a seminar I could attend with a sleep or parenting expert, and I really wanted to be with other moms I could relate to.

Originally inspired by a business in New York called Metropolis Moms, they were offering museum tours with nanny service; I thought ‘why can’t we offer nanny service for other events too?’. Although museum and art gallery tours never took off for us (we offered them for a time in Edmonton), we’ve found our beauty, shopping and parenting events have stood fast.

Modern MamaWe Started with Mom-Focused Events

Our Mama Needs a Babysitter event launched in March of 2010 with 25 moms anxious to meet local babysitters. We’ve continued to offer this event regularly as it’s a fantastic resource for moms to connect face-to-face with potential babysitters.

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The next year, our Hottest Tot Products event debuted and became an instant hit with mothers in Edmonton. With 40 products and 40 moms everyone goes home with a great product (and tons of SWAG!). We give away strollers, carseats, toys, and baby gear at this swanky moms night out.

Start Modern Mama in Your City

In 2011 we started licensing, which means we sell the use of the business model to moms who want to start Modern Mama in their own community.  In each of our 7 locations in Canada, our Modern Mama City Bloggers each have a strong belief in community and motherhood and are passionate about being a digital local resource for moms.

A Local Resource


In 2013 we began publishing our annual Baby Guide, (<— check out all the digital copies!) a locally focused printed resource for mothers in cities across Canada (Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver). We printed two resource guides per year, a Raising Kids in the City and Having a Baby Guides until 2016!

Relevant Articles and Resident Experts

In 2013 we brought on regular writers and resident experts who write relevant and parent-focused articles. Visit Modern Mama daily to see what’s new, and subscribe to our Everywhere newsletter to get our posts delivered weekly. We have amazing daily content on our local and national sites.

Thank You For 10 Great Years!

Thank you to the mamas who have supported our events, read our posts, and tell other moms about us. I want to thank our writers, businesses who support us and make it possible for us to host events, and our advertisers and sponsors. Thank you also to my City Bloggers who run these amazing communities and who inspire me every day. Be sure to check out ten years of our appearances in the press as well!


We have thousands of dollars in prizes to give away to celebrate 10 years, over 10 days of giveaways! Come join us on Facebook, where all the action will be to stay tuned (launching March 5!!) and enter to win!! (BIG HINTS: we have prizes from Britax, Bob, UPPAbaby, 4moms and MORE!!!)

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