Moss Boss Feature: Baby + Tot Show Edition

SensaKids Sensory Tables

Mira Boucher is the Founder of SensaKids, a company that makes sensory play a breeze with simple sensory tables and unique sensory bin supplies. A mom of three young boys, she is proud to call Calgary, Alberta home. Not long ago, her toddler was digging up the flower pots, dumping out the flour bin, and dunking his hands in whatever she was cooking. So, Mira began looking for a way to contain the mess while allowing her son to get the sensory stimulation he was craving. She tried different things and decided the best would be a little table with bins to contain whatever sensory materials he was discovering that day. She wanted it to be affordable, to be able to use it inside or outside, and to easily remove the bins for a wash in the sink after a messy adventure. But alas, no such product existed!

With the help of an engineer and a woodworker, she created one, and soon others were asking her where they can get one too…and what amazing new things could be placed in those bins! Her company SensaKids was incorporated in July 2017, and is quickly earning the reputation of being ‘the sensory play specialists.’ Besides the practical sensory table, called the ‘SensaTable,’ SensaKids also sources child-friendly sensory play supplies like water beads, polymer snow, and strawfetti.

Anyone who has seen a child play with sand and water understands how much children love to get messy and have ‘sensory play.’ There’s also good science to back up a child’s need for sensory stimulation and how beneficial this is for their development. Sensory play is an excellent way to develop fine motor skills, pre-academic skills, language and vocabulary, problem-solving skills and creativity. It’s also helpful in therapy for kids with special needs like autism or sensory processing disorder.

Sensory play can and should be simple. Mira loves leaving her SensaTable empty at the start of the day, because there will always be a good opportunity to use it by the end of the day. That might mean using a whisk to make bubbles with warm water and a bit of soap, or examining the leaves and pinecones collected on a neighbourhood walk, or joining in some ‘cooking’ with potato peels while Mom makes dinner. The SensaTable makes incorporating sensory play easy and low-maintenance. It’s a perfect way to bring sensory play indoors this winter and keep your child busy for hours.

The SensaKids team will be at the Calgary Baby & Tot Show on Sept. 30 & Oct. 1. Bring your kids to check out the sensory tables and kits at Booth 136! Enter the draw for a free sensory table! If you buy one at the show, you can have it delivered to your home for free and also receive nearly $45 in free sensory supplies with it! The tables range in price from $114.95-$164.95.

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Little Cheeks

Little Cheeks is a mom-run company based out of Calgary, Alberta. Kim has three amazing daughters, all under the age of three! Her girls have been very influential on the types of products she creates, from soother clips to toddler necklaces to those easy-to-grab and easy-to-clean teething toys. All of her product designs have been tested first hand, so she has been able to see what works, what little ones are drawn to, and what makes life easiest for new parents.

One of their most popular teething toys is an original Little Cheeks design. The large pendant and attached teething ring both make it easy for little hands to grab. The silicone beads and added donut ring give a variety of textures, providing added sensory input for babies. These teethers are also made entirely of silicone, making them super quick and easy to clean; a must for busy parents!! When those difficult teeth start poking through, simply place these teethers in the freezer to provide that extra relief for sore gums.

Seeing as Little Cheeks products are going into the mouths of little ones, Kim wanted to make sure that everything was completely safe. Beads and teethers are made using 100% food grade silicone that has been FDA approved. They are non-toxic and are free of any harmful chemicals, which means NO BPA, lead, PVC or phthalates. All of her product designs have been sent away for testing to ensure they meet Canadian safety standards (CCPSA) for toxic chemicals, flammability, and strength. It is important to know that any and all products going into your baby’s mouth have been designed with safety in mind!

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this post was sponsored by the Calgary Baby and Tot Show, all opinions are my own and information above was collected direct from the companies

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