Celebrate Your Baby Bump!


I’m so excited – I’m going to be an auntie again! My gorgeous 2-year-old nephew will soon have a new baby brother or sister + my sons will have a new cousin! Pregnancy is just lovely, especially when you’re the spectator, haha!

Don’t get me wrong – it is wonderful to be pregnant, and to grow your beloved baby in your body. It’s very romantic, you really feel like a woman, and you get to wear the most comfortable jeans in the world, blah, blah, blah.

Let’s face it, though: it can also be horrible, exhausting, maddening, and basically cray cray!

That’s why for the duration of my sister’s pregnancy, I’m pretty much letting her do/have whatever she wants. She’s pregnant – don’t get in her way, just let her have it, and don’t make her move anything. Not just because I’m being protective, but because I love her + I love the fact that she is carrying our new family member!

She – and all pregnant women – are awesome, just for being pregnant. When was the last time you attended an event based entirely around that idea?

I don’t know about you, but most parties being thrown for pregnant women almost always involve fake poopy diapers, and the embarrassing (albeit amusing) “guess who large her belly is” game.

How about an upscale event, filled with fabulous guest speakers, gourmet food, gifts for all, and a maternity fashion show?

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We at Modern Mama have got you covered! If you are pregnant or just had a baby, celebrate yourself and this new chapter in your life by joining us for our 6th Annual Modern Bump Brunch at The Holt Renfrew Cafe on Sunday, November 24 from 12 – 3 PM. 


+ A delicious gourmet brunch

+ A maternity fashion show

+ Informative talks by expert speakers (including myself!)

+ Prizes for everybody who attends!

MM AD-brunch

You won’t find a more fun, classy event for pregnant woman like this anywhere else!

Space is limited, so register now!

If you have any questions, write me at timmie {at} modernmama.com


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