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Britax skyline

A car seat or booster is one of the most important purchases you can make for your child. It is one of the only baby devices made specifically to protect and save your child’s life in a worst case scenario, so it is important to do your research. There are a lot of car seats out there too so trying to find the one that is right for your specific needs can be a big task so we here at Modern Mama like to do our best to try out as many as we can to give you the best personal insight. Which is why we jumped on the chance to try out the Skyline Britax booster to see how well they worked for our family!

The Skyline Britax is different from most boosters out there with its brilliant high back that can actually adjust with the growth of your child which means you can get a lot of use out of this one booster. The 10 year life span on it doesn’t hurt either of course. In fact it can work for kids of a nice wide range in size from 40 to 120 lbs, and 38 inches to 63 inches – truly a GREAT range. The higher back option gives your child an even wider range of side safety that most don’t get in boosters with no back at all. My youngest can tell you that for long road trips he very much enjoys the side safety panels for sleeping – he gave it a thorough test and was deeply rested as a result, making our trip a cinch.

Britax skyline
With the great deep side walls this booster has added side impact protection that boosters with no back just can’t give you – giving this booster an edge against others on the market. With kids in the lower weight range having the side impact protection can make a huge difference in an actual impact. Since some cars have side air bags that may not be made with your little one in mind this side protection can be ideal for keeping them safe from the impact and the safety features made for adult heights in your car. After all the safer the better when it comes to your child.

Not only does the higher back make this a comfortable, safer option for your child this particular booster also has LATCH anchors. LATCH anchors give you a very secure easy to do installation for any parent, with the super easy and secure LATCH there is a higher success rate for proper installation every time. We all know that proper placement of belts and seats are so important and this car seat makes it so simple you can do it perfectly each and every time making you feel secure in your child’s safety. All booster seats we have ever used have never had a way to anchor them so this added feature was a big deal for us.
Britax Skyline

What did my kid think of the Skyline Britax?

My youngest was a huge fan, it was the first time he wasn’t upset about having to be in a car for a long period of time – he was riding in comfort. The whole long road trip my little one was either snoozing soundly or happy as can be not once complaining that he needed a break. Most trips he will need a few stops along the way to stretch his legs and run around this trip we cut those stops by half since there was just no need. The roomy seat makes it great for your little one but it is still a great size for any car with its dimensions hitting: 16″ Long x 19.5″ Wide (with cupholders)  x 27.5″ High. In bigger cars this can easily fit with two others in the back seat which again makes it a great option for bigger families.

If you are looking for a very secure booster seat for your little one then this is the perfect option for you and your family, and at such a great price your bank account will be happy to.

What do you look for in a booster seat?

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