What To Consider When Searching For The Perfect School

With February just around the corner, the time for school registration begins. We are very fortunate to have an amazing elementary school just 2 blocks away from our home, so for us it was a no-brainier. But for others the choice requires a little more investigation.

Here are some tips and advice on what to think about when trying to find that perfect school.

Designated Schools

It is crucial that you find out what the designated schools are in your area, so that you can find out if they are a good fit for your family. However, if you apply quickly, meet the entrance criteria and they have space your child could attend a school outside your area. You can find out here.

What Is Important To You?

Location-  Do you have little ones that you are home with? Having somewhere close to home might be nice so you can skip out on paying those fee’s and being up extra early for the bus. However if you are working during the day and the bus drops off at a convenient time, that is a great option as well.

Programs- Are you looking for french immersion? Does your child have special needs? Or are you looking for a school with a focus on a particular subject, like music? Do your research to make sure the school you’re looking at meets your needs.

Grade Level-  Do you like the idea of having your child’s school just being kindergarten to grade 6? Or maybe you are wanting a school that offers kindergarten to grades 9 or 12. Certainly all these options offer different benefits, but it is definitely something to consider when looking at potential schools.

Program Delivery- Most schools offer the standard half-days but if you’re lucky the school in your area may offer fulls days as well. According to the EPSB website there are no fees for full day, 5 day a week kindergarten. However if you live in St. Albert and wanting this option there will be an additional cost.

Feeling Comfortable- I know it’s so hard to tell if a school will be a good fit for your child, even if they offer the programs you’re looking for. That is why attending the open house is SO important, you can see how your child interacts with their potential teacher and classmates.

I hope this has given you some help in deciding what you are looking for in your search for a great school.

This is an exciting time for your child and family, enjoy it!



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