Consignment at Christmas

Consignment at Christmas

Consignment at Christmas

By: Heather van Mil

As parents we are always trying to find ways to maximize our budget, and the holidays are no different. Before kids, I was an avid bargain hunter, and since my 2 girls arrived and I see how quickly they outgrow clothing and wear out toys, I’m even more pained to pay full retail price on their things, especially when they’re often happier playing with the box a toy came in! 5 years ago, on my oldest’s first Christmas, I was still on maternity leave and determined to stick to a set budget when shopping for my little family. I was so excited by my awesome finds that it’s been a bit of a game each year to outdo myself, even after my second munchkin arrived almost 2 years ago!

Here are my top choices for gifts that you can easily find in great second hand condition:

  1. Footwear – I don’t know about you, but my girls are little shoe addicts! Every morning there is a hunt around our house to find a matching set of footwear, so I love to stock up on shoes, boots and slippers at great prices!
  2. Books – We read a lot in our house, and you can get great, like-new condition books often for $2 or less!
  3. Tech – Technology evolves so quickly that older kids are often onto the next thing before the shine has worn off the first. I picked up a great V-Tech kids “laptop” for my daughter one year for under $10, and 3 years later she is still playing office with it.
  4. Holiday Outfits – With holidays coming just once a year, kids often wear special outfits a handful of times and then outgrow them before the next holiday season. You can find gorgeous, like-new dresses and suits for a fraction of the cost in a department store – perfect for those cute Santa photos!
  5. Furniture – We have stocked our kids playroom with mini chairs, tables and even a huge wooden toy kitchen; all items we bought second hand.
  6. One of a Kind Items: My favourite thing of all about shopping in consignment stores is finding things that traditional retailers don’t carry. Some of my best finds include a Norwegian board book (we love languages), and a fully functioning kids sized clay pottery wheel!

If you’re looking to check off the items on your Christmas shopping list for less, head over to Boomers & Echoes Kids & Maternity at Westview Shopping Centre where you’ll find a wide variety of high quality Infant, Children and Maternity items at great prices!

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Heather is a wife & mom to 2 young girls, the writer behind Love, Life and the Pursuit of Play.


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