Craft: Sprout Head Grass Girl

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It’s never too early to talk to your kids about healthy eating, cooking, and where our food comes from. In learning about food, and where produce and products come from, Hellmann’s has done an amazing job this summer in involving three Canadian kids and their parents by inviting them to visit a canola farm in Saskatchewan, Canada to learn about how mayonnaise is made. Even families at home got to take part by watching a live stream of the visit on their Facebook page in an effort to educate more families about how Canadian farms are producing not only our fruits and vegetables and meat and dairy, but also canola oil that mayonnaise is made from.

In an effort to show my girls how grass and other greens grow, we made sprout head person! This is a simple fun activity you can do at home with your kids. I can’t wait to see its ‘hair’ grow in (see below)!

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You will need:

  • grass seed
  • sphagnum moss
  • panty hose or knee highs (can be new or used)
  • markers
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • paper to create “clothing”
  • small elastic


Create a sprout head person:

1.     Cut out the feet of an old pair of panty host or use a knee high

2.     Fill your stocking with grass seed and sphagnum moss. Tie it into about a tennis ball size shape to make the ‘head’.

3.     Pinch the front of the head to make a nose, hold it in place with a small elastic

4.     Make a face using googly eyes, draw a mouth, use pipe cleaner to make eyebrows and mustache etc.

5.     Glue some paper on the plastic cup and make an outfit for your sprout head

6.     Fill your cup with water and place the head on top so that the stocking tail is dangling in the water

7.     Place your sprout person on a windowsill to get lots of sun. Water him/her with a spray bottle every day and watch them grow!

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Teaching children about where their food comes from instills smart eating habits from a young age. Try the sprout head craft with your little one while discussing the growth of foods you eat together as a family.

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