Date Night Topics For You And Your Spouse


dateI’ve done several posts on date night.  We’ve covered why date-nights are important, how to find a babysitter, budget options and even what to talk about on said date-night.  Last week I came across this article via Twitter, and it made me realize that although we (my husband and I) often talk about our goals, our dreams, what our next home could look like or where it may be, we rarely cover topics like what our favourite word might be, or what personality trait we like most about ourselves and others.

This past Saturday night, as we had our much-anticipated, over-night, date-night; and we sat in a lounge with not a kid in site, I pulled out this list:

1. What trait of yours do you most appreciate, and why?

2. What trait do you wish you could change?

3. What trait do you most admire in others?

4. What is your idea of a perfect day?

5. What is your biggest dream?

6. What do you most dislike?

7. What is your favorite word, and why did you choose it?

8. Do you believe in God?

9. Do you believe in heaven? If yes, how do you describe it?

10. What person or persons have inspired you, and what about them inspired you?

We laughed a lot, and the waitress even contributed her favourite word: erroneous.  This kept us chatting for much longer than even I suspected it would.

Thanks to this list, I also have many more spin-off questions I want to bring up next time we get the chance!

Happy date night!

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