Fun Family, Date night, and Birthday Scavenger Hunts with Let’s Roam


Has Covid kept you at home and you are running out of ways to keep entertained? Want new ideas to get out of the house and still be Covid friendly? Let’s Roam offers adventures both in home, and outside, in cities all over North America. With family friendly, team building, date night, and special parties like Bachelorette or birthday parties, you are sure to find an adventure to suit you.


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Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt Tours lead you to can’t-miss sights and the city’s hidden histories.


Along the route, you’ll solve riddles, answer trivia, learn fun facts, conquer challenges, and win!


Every scavenger hunt tour is packed with hilarious photo-worthy moments and “must-capture” sights.

Did you know…

Edmonton is one of the coolest places to explore! Filled with a fascinating history and thrilling culture, it has become a worldwide destination. Let’s Roam can help you experience Edmonton like never before.

Our team has handcrafted unforgettable adventures for curious city explorers like you. We’ll help you discover Edmonton’s hidden gems and unmissable sights. Going on a Let’s Roam tour in Edmonton will be epic, guaranteed. Explore all Let’s Roam Edmonton tours and choose the one that excites you most. You could end up on the top of our Edmonton leaderboard…Happy roaming!


Edmonton Scavenger Hunt: Alberta’s Charming Capital

A mall put Alberta’s capital city on the map, but all the best attractions are right downtown. On this fun-filled Edmonton scavenger hunt, find storied buildings, epic statues and great green spaces along the river.

Why do kids love the Alberta Legislature Building? Why is City Hall a pyramid? Find out on this scavenger hunt of Edmonton!

You can do our interactive scavenger hunt at any time. Explore the culture & history of Edmonton.

Some of what you’ll see: Edmonton City Hall, Alberta Legislature Building



Unlock a world of adventure without leaving your house.

Roam from Home in-home scavenger hunts are designed to help you have a blast without ever leaving home. The hunts are unbeatable family bonding activities and an exciting learning tool.

Reasons to do an in-home scavenger hunt:

  • It’s convenient to do anytime.
  • You don’t need any “extra” supplies.
  • It’ll get you moving and grooving
  • It’ll connect you with loved ones near and far
  • It’s funny!
  • It’ll stoke friendly competition.
  • Kids who know how to read can do scavenger hunts by themselves.
  • See the full list here


Emerging Explorers (Ages 3-9)

Turn your home into a world of exploration! Challenges/trivia tailored for children ages 3-9, focusing on imagination, play, and connection.

Advanced Adventurers (Ages 10+)

This one’s for the bigger kids with boundless energy, imagination, and curiosity. General challenges/trivia tailored for children ages 10+.

Math Masters

Challenges/trivia focusing on math and problem-solving. Developed in partnership with 2 elementary school teachers for all counting kids.

Global Geographers

Challenges/trivia focusing on geography and culture, designed to help kids of all ages appreciate the world we live in

Science Scavengers

Developed in partnership with 2 elementary school teachers for scientists of all ages. Science-focused challenges/trivia encouraging discovery and experimentation.

All About Animals

Challenges/trivia that are (you guessed it) all about animals! Kids of all ages will love learning about earth’s wild creatures.

Writing Wizards

Discover new worlds from the comfort of your own home as you dive into reading and writing challenges to tickle the mind. For readers and writers of all ages!

Party Packs + Speciality Hunts

Challenge your far-off friends and family (up to 6 households) to a scavenger hunt competition with a Party Pack! Choose any one of our anytime hunts or check the app for seasonal and holiday-themed hunts. It’s the perfect way to connect and celebrate.

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Our one-of-a-kind date night scavenger hunts will keep you laughing and get the sparks flying. Let’s Roam’s interactive app will present you with a series of fun, romantic challenges and questions. Conquer them in any order to get the high score.

Roam-antic Adventure

Play games, learn new things about each other, and make sweet memories. Challenges and questions designed to excite, delight, and get the sparks flying.

Your Very Own Rom-Com

You and your partner are stars! Live out your movie fantasies with challenges and trivia inspired by the most romantic movies in history.

Date Night Party Games

On this in-home adventure for twi, we try out all your favourite party games with a twist. It’s truth or dare, would you rather, and the Newlyweds game all wrapped into one. How well do you know your partner?



On your birthday party scavenger hunt everyone will receive a birthday-themed role, like Birthday Star, Party Animal or the Shutterbug. You’ll work together to score BIG points and play to beat the city’s high score.

Will your team make it to the top of the leaderboards? Win or lose, you’ll have an unforgettable experience—and tons of fun photos to download and share


This is an amazing way to celebrate your birthday if you don’t feel comfortable gathering in groups! Get everyone together for fun online games, non-stop laughter, and custom birthday trivia that shines a spotlight on the birthday star.



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