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A picture is worth a thousand words, is a phrase that indicates the complexities and detailed analysis that one can get from a well taken picture. An expression of joy, LOVE, sadness and tranquility can inform the viewer about the state of mind or emotions of the person photographed. A picture can give information of trends in fashion, decor, architecture or landscape. A picture can be evaluated for historical data and can provide some understanding of time past, which can serve as a linkage of one generation and another.

We caught up with Tara Wildgoose of PinkStar Photography here in Edmonton.

Tell us about yourself, your family and your hobbies:

My educational  background has a  B.A. Psychology, Child Development, Art History, Chinese Medicine/ Acupuncture and love of all things beautiful.  Married with a strong interest and history of ART and Photography; Pinkstar Photography was born.

Many of us are drawn to pictures for varying reasons; a sense of comfort, a sense of familiarity, a sense of reverence, awe, love and joy.  I want to create for you this feeling for today, tomorrow and generations from now.

I blend documentary and fine art photography to channel emotions and moments to capture the wonder that makes up your wedding.  I don’t want to just be your Photographer, but the person you trust to capture your love, laughter and tears forever.

I am a mother of 3 children; 12, 8, 4.  I’m the oldest of 5 children but was always saving my money for film and processing from a young age.  I loved details and still do.  I have had many cameras over time, but got into digital when my oldest was born.  We had one of the first digital cameras you could buy at the time and I was hooked!  I had a film slr for the freedom to bring emotion and creativity to my photos.  Digital to capture the everyday antics of motherhood.  I then madly put the photos into albums in order.  My husband thankfully supports my camera being out at every opportunity, since we have 3 print photos from his childhood!  I was approached 9 years ago to photograph my first wedding.  I thought they were insane, since I was 8 months pregnant and had never done a wedding before.  But I did it!


How did you get into photography:

My parents questioned me for paying so much for ‘paper’ (degrees) on the walls because I wasn’t happy working in the fields I studied for.  Instead I choose to ‘take pictures’!  But when your heart is in your work and you are excited to film peoples lives is there any other choice?  All those years just support your drive and determination to do and be the best you can, and love doing it.  It also instils the importance of personal histories and the stories within.

My love of weddings has grown since then, and it has become a favourite next to capturing families and their children.  The problem is getting parents to appreciate the value of passing on the pieces of history to the next generations, instead of over spending on material things for their children that will become erased from memories over time.  Although we live in a digital age we can’t show a digital file to our grand kids. More people need to make prints and albums a priority.

Bellies, Family, Babies, Couples PROMOTION

Session fee $120 includes: 1 8×10, 2 5×7, 10 digital files for sharing
1) 1 12×12 collage of session for additional 40.00 bonus
2) 3 mini accordion albums of session 99.00 bonus
3) 10 call me cards! for kids to give to classmates 25.00

From engagement photos and weddings to pets, maternity, children, and editorial photography. My style is candid and classic, with an heirloom quality that can be cherished for generations.

Tara Wildgoose, PinkStar Photography


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