Display Your Child’s Artwork in 3 Minutes for $3

DIY Art Wall

At Christmas my son received an art table. It’s a round plastic table that is now his favourite place to colour, paint and organize his crayons. This was all great until the stacks of beautiful art work started piling up. I’m not sure about your kid but during an art spree my child likes to use as much paper as possible, sometimes only making one or two marks on a page before deeming it “done”. I let it sit for a while and eventually we were having company and I figured it had to leave our living room that doubles as a play room, why we felt we would actually use a bonus room upstairs for these things I’m not sure… Anyways, I wanted a cute way to display his work that he could be proud of. Thus, I came up with this crazy easy display wall in 3 minutes for $3.

  • Find yourself a blank space of wall somewhere in your home, I chose my son’s room.
  • Install 2 screws with hooks at either end of your chosen wall space.
  • String some colourful yarn between the hooks and secure.
  • Chose something to use to hold the art, I found colourful plastic clothespins from the dollar store.
  • Find some adhesive letters and give your wall a title, again I found these alphabet letters at the dollar store.
  • Hang that art work up where it should be instead of stacked on your kitchen counter!





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