Dollarstore Finds That Will Save You Money

Save Money

Do you remember what life was  like before dollar stores?  Now they seem to be a staple in the community.  It is the go-to place for many items.  But sometimes items at the dollarstore are not great deals, especially when it comes to brand named items ie. cleaning products, food etc.  Often these items are sold in much smaller quantiles and their price per volume is high.   There are a lot of items that are a really good deal though.  Many items are significantly cheaper, especially items that are not brand name.   These items may not be brand named but they still work just as good at their brand-named counterparts.


  1. Pregnancy Tests – Paying $20+ for a pregnancy test at the pharmacy is brutal, especially if you are trying to get pregnant and it goes not just happen.  Dollar store tests are simple and easy to use . They are not fancy, no digital display but do the trick just fine with a cheap $1.25 per test price test.
  2. Ovulation Tests – I used to buy these in bulk online when we were trying to get pregnant because it was the cheapest, but the next cheapest option was the dollar store.
  3. Cheese Paper – this is a product that will save your cheese! Cheese is not cheap and if you are like me and cheese dries up, goes hard, gets mouldy before you finish using it all it is such a waste! Cheese paper is going to help your cheese last longer so you don’t waste it.  Cheese paper helps cheese breathe and get the correct amount of moisture to keep it lasting longer.
  4. Reading Glasses – if you have a mild prescription and only need glasses to read, these are a great option.  Much, much cheaper than buying frames and lenses from the eye doctor.
  5. Greeting Cards – greeting cards can cost a fortune, all for something that will be used once and read for a few seconds and if you are lucky displayed for a few days then recycled.  Honestly we dont buy greeting cards anymore, we make a card when needed – we find it to be more personal. If I was in the market to buy a card, the dollar store has been my go-to place. I refuse to pay $5 + for a card.
  6. Poster Board – having kids means having the need for occasional poster boards, from lemonade signs to posters, to charts to science projects. You can get a variety of colors form the dollar store.  If you need white or black they are usually 2 for $1.25 compared to the colored ones which are $1.25 each.
  7. Painters Tape – I dont know if your kids have just as much of a fascination with tape as mine do, but to save my walls, floors and sanity I let him get his paint-fix out by using painters tape. That way it does not cause any damage and it easy to peel off after.  With the amount my kids go though, paying the hardware store prices for painters tape, is not an option.  For $1.25 I let them get creative.
  8. Pool Toys & Swim goggles – My kids love the dollar store goggles.  I don’t know why but they prefer the kit and style and insist on them.  At $4 per scuba-type goggle, it is a great deal for several seasons of use.
  9. Party supplies – Everyone’s go-to store for party supplies is the dollar store. They have an entire aisle devoted to party supplies and everything else you need for your party.  From glow sticks to streamers they have you covered.  I love checking this section out to see what the latest items are.
  10. Gift Wrap and Gift bags – like I said before. The Dollar store is the go-to for everything party-related.  While the rolls of wrapping paper are not very large, I tend to gravitate towads gift bags – mainly for their ability to be reused easily and the fact they are durable.


Tina Evans

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