Effortless Travel: 5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Carry-On Suitcase


Traveling is such a pleasing and stress-relieving experience.  We all want to travel for relaxation and experience what different travel destinations have on offer for its travelers. But not all travel experiences are pleasing and satisfying. If you lack enough preparation and planning, you can always make a travel experience a terrible one for yourself.

Nothing derails a stressful day of travel like a broken-down bag. If an old bag’s straps, wheels or zippers are about to fail, it’s smarter to replace a carry -on suitcase sooner rather than later. Buying quality bags can reduce the need to replace luggage every few years, but it’s not always easy to tell which bags will help you over the long haul.

Here are five tips that will help you choose your next carry-on bag.

Size and Dimensions

Check the measurements of a carry-on before you buy to avoid having to return a too-large bag. You have to decide on your bag’s ideal size and weight. A carry-on for domestic air travel should be no more than 22 inches long, 14 inches wide and 9 inches high for domestic flights. If you’re going to be flying internationally, make sure you buy a suitcase that’s less than 21 inches high. Any larger size for your luggage might be a great cause of discomfort for you to carry.

Hard-shelled luggage makes it easier to stick to strict size requirements. It’s possible to pack a soft-sided carry-on suitcase so tightly that it exceeds its stated dimensions, while the hard casing of shell luggage can compress clothes and make them fit without adding bulk. So, make sure you know exactly what items you should take when you travel and what might not be a good idea to carry in your luggage. There are people who take too many items in their luggage and make their travel experience a poor one.

Quality of Bag

Don’t assume that the price tag on a piece of luggage is a direct reflection of its quality. While extremely inexpensive options may sacrifice durability for savings, it’s just as common to see an expensive luxury bag that is skating by on a designer label. When evaluating the quality of a bag, look for these upscale design features:

  • A polycarbonate shell that is light yet durable
  • Wheels that rotate in every direction
  • Ergonomic grip aids on handles and straps
  • Metal zippers anchored in nylon or another durable material

Pay attention to the small details rather than the label or price to ensure you’re getting a high quality product. You can feel bad when you spend too much for a luggage and it fails to perform when you go for an international or long domestic trip. Make sure you do not compromise on quality no matter how much you pay for it. Try and do some extra research about each product you are considering before you make your final decision about buying a quality bag.

Inner Lining and Layout

The outside of a suitcase gets most of the attention, but the inside of womens travel bags deserves careful consideration as well. Check that the inner lining of the suitcase is well-sewn with small, even stitches. Avoid thin polyester linings. Over time, these can fray or even rip, causing small belongings to get lost between the lining and the outer case.

The inside of a suitcase can house an array of useful organizational features. Pockets can cordon off toiletries from clothes, but make sure the zippers and hardware on inner pockets are as durable as those on the outside. Remember that an open interior without many distinct compartments can be a plus, as you can customize your bag with organizers that fit your specific needs.

Carrying and Rolling Ease

The ultimate carry-on bag should move with you seamlessly, blending into your natural stride without any effort. The wheels on some carry-on bags can be challenging to maneuver, catching on every small bump in terrain.

Generally, larger wheels with a greater range of motion are a safer bet than smaller wheels that are locked too closely into their casings. Broad straps placed centrally along a suitcase are easier to carry than narrow straps or straps off to one side.

The right carry-on is a reliable travel aide, holding all of your most important belongings with a black weekender bag sitting on top. Examine small design details when buying a new piece of carry-on luggage.

Final Note: Never underestimate the need for a high quality, durable and sturdy luggage when you go on for an important travel. If your luggage fails you, you might lose your important belongings and feel extremely frustrated when you get back from your travel. Just make sure you do your homework before you buy your carry-on luggage.

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