What to do When your Family Can’t Decide What to Watch on Netflix


Does this happen to you? Your family sits down to watch a show or movie together and you can’t seem to find a title that everyone agrees on? This is a regular occurrence in my home, with five people who know what they like, we often have a hard time agreeing on something that everyone wants to watch on Netflix.

Now we’ve tried taking turns, flipping coins and reasoning with the other family members but this often leaves one or more people unhappy with the final decision. Thanks to Netflix we have learned the power of persuasion; instead of deciding which show to watch by listing of titles we break it down to interests and themes. You can see what I mean with the charts below:



As you can see this works for “Kid Shows” and more mature shows; my kids actually love cooking shows to we use our persuasion tactics to get Dad on board for watching. heheheNetflix

The art of Star Wars Persuasion might have been created for my six-year-old, he loves Star Wars and is often suggesting we watch it all together. His siblings usually veto his choice but I’m thinking we will refer to this chart for suggestions on our next family movie night.

We would love to know your tricks for getting everyone to agree on a movie/show; do you use the art of persuasion or do you have another trick up your sleeve?

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