How to Find Your Next Family Show

What is a family show?

A family show is when your whole family gets into a show together, and you watch it live or on demand together. There’s no ‘cheating’ – like watching without the kids, or them watching without you. No going ahead when one kid is out at a sleepover, it’s the family show.

You watch it together.

We have had several family shows over the past year when we started this. We have watched Supergirl, The Flash, Riverdale, Full House and Shadow Hunters.

The number one tip I have for you is to ensure the show you choose is appropriate for the entire family. As my girls have gotten older, it’s gotten easier to select a show because the youngest is able to handle more mature shows, and the older girls are able to enjoy more shows that Mike and I would also be interested in.

But, HOW do you find a show you’ll enjoy as a family?

Here are my tips to finding your next (first?) family show:


Social networks like Facebook are the perfect place to post a generic request for recommendations from your friends who likely have children the same age. I ask for new shows and my Facebook friends supply a steady stream of their finds and recommendations

Ask your TV

Yes, with Shaw BlueSkyTV, you can literally speak “what’s on” into the remote control and it will provide a list of suggestions.

Scroll down for drama, action, lifestyle, nature and even what is Trending on Twitter.

With Shaw BlueSkyTV you can also just hit the Shaw button, go to OnDemand and see all TV, Movies, Kids, Networks and Sports recommended at that time.

There are movies too so if you’re just looking for movie night entertainment it’s all there.

I love having BlueSkyTV for easy browsing, voice command, and the KidZone. It’s a safe haven for young children to see what’s on without being exposed to innapropriate content.

Talk To Your Kids

Kids are know-it-alls, in a good way. They talk to their friends about what’s new and what their families are watching. They make suggestions you had never considered which end up being perfect!

Google is your friend (as always)

Search for new superhero shows, family shows, comedy shows and see when they air on TV or On Demand.


BlueSkyTV integrates seamlessly with CraveTV

Search CraveTV easily with your TV remote because it is all-in-one. You can binge watch some great family series like The Flash (we loved it!), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow here.

What’s your family show right now? Ours is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow currently, we just started this week, but it’s a collection of superheroes and a time traveling rogue, Rip Hunter. We’ll see what adventure awaits!

Lastly, Watch Commercials (what?!)

I just added this after I initially published this post because I’ve discovered recently that when I’m watching one of my recorded shows if I actually watch some of the commercials, I see previews of some new shows on TV too. It’s how I discovered the Big Little Lies (NOT a family) mini-series on HBO Canada. So don’t hesitate to sit through the commercials *sometimes*. You might just discover the next great show for your family.

Be sure to screen ahead of your family or view parental warnings before watching with your young ones!

Check out my Facebook Live demo of BlueSkyTV here:

*We were provided with Shaw BlueSkyTV for a period of time for the purposes of review and promotion.


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