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Today I’m sharing my five things that moms need to put on a simple face quickly.  I just don’t feel ready for the day without at least these basics.  I tend to buy a mix of drug-store products for affordability along with some higher quality brands.



1 | I love this foundation.  I was a long time lover of Bare Minerals and will still use it on top of this from time to time, but this is my current go-to.  It covers imperfections quickly, easily and it matches perfectly.

2 |  A simple black eyeliner pencil.  I use this one and have for a few years.  It may seem pricey ($16), but it lasts about two years when used daily.


3 | If you do only ONE thing before leaving the house, put on a couple of coats of mascara.  It brightens your eyes and erases the tired look.  I’m not brand-loyal with mascara, occasionally I will splurge but usually any $10 drugstore brand will suffice.  With mascara being a short-term product (toss after 6 months), I don’t fret about it being the ‘best’.


4 | Nars blush in ‘Orgasm’.  I’ve written about it here before, because Sephora recommends this as the most universally flattering blush shade around and a top seller.  It is pricey at around $30 but again, it lasts about 2 years when worn every day (I’m on my third one in about six years).


5 | These wipes take it ALL off before bed each night, they cleanse your face thoroughly and quickly.  I simply don’t have the energy for soap & water at 11pm and I’ve been told that skipping the bedtime face wash can dramatically age your facial skin.

So there you have it!  Five simple MUST HAVES for moms.  What are your go-to products?



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    1) Under Eye Dark Circle and Puffiness roller
    2) Tinted moisturizer – wow does it moisturize!
    3) “Spectaculash” mascara – makes my eyelashes so long I can’t wear my glasses!
    4) MAC blush
    5) Norwex face cloth – better than any make up remover I have ever used!

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      Hi Stacy
      I’m curious what brands of the under eye roller, mascara and the tinted moisturizer?

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