Five Things: Links We Love


This week we’ll wrap up some of our new favourite things too, along with some new links and articles around the Web.

1 | Referring to a toddler tantrum as a child being in ‘full on rabid poodle mode’ made me laugh out loud, this post about non parents judging parenting skills is good for a giggle.

2 | We are excited to be partnering with Minted once again!  And they want YOU, if you have a blog, to partner with them too!  We’ll be writing more about this next week, but for now – just know that if you have a blog and you’d like to work with them, apply here.

3 | The new Kenneth Bernard line of haircare products are now available exclusively at Chatters salons across Canada.  I adore the smell, and I’ve always been a fan of aerosol sprays to finish up any ‘do’, so the hairspray is my fave.

4 | As always, Scary Mommy is one funny writer.  She says it like it is, most of the time with some profanity thrown in.  While I don’t agree with all of her ‘Things You Really Don’t Need For Baby‘ items, it’s a good read.

5 | Have you tried the new IOGO with Stevia?  One happy day recently, we received a big package at our doorstep. My girls tore into them immediately and taste tasted all the flavours.  I recommend them, for mom too, since they’re only 50 calories and a low sugar snack for your munchkins. I’ve bought them for our family again since receiving my free sample package.


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