Five Things I Would Tell my Pre-Mommy Self



Five Things I Would Tell my Pre-Mommy Self

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I love being a Mama and I wouldn’t trade my children for anything but sometimes I think back to my carefree days; my pre-mommy days. And I wonder if it would have been a smoother transition into parenthood if I had known these things before having my first baby.

You Might Never Get Enough Sleep Again

Okay I know that sounds harsh but really you won’t get a chance to “catch up” on rest until your little ones are much much older. You will try to get extra rest here and there [“sleep when the baby sleeps”] but there are other things to do in that blissful quiet time. Oh but maybe you will sleep in on the weekend? Babies don’t know what weekends are and even if they do, they don’t care to sleep in. Don’t worry though you will learn how to thrive on not enough sleep and your definition of ‘enough’ will change too!

Your House Will Never be Spotless Again

How can this be? You love how great it feels to have the house clean and in order and you will keep it up. Except you won’t and that is just fine. As you become a parent you will learn that your precious little babies are mini tornadoes and they can untidy a room in under a minute. You will try and try to keep things clean, really really clean until one day you realize that you just can’t. It is okay to have toys strewn about, dishes in the sink and laundry on the couch because your children are growing and learning and you don’t want to miss a minute of it.

Your Sense of Style Will Change

This one is gradual, you won’t notice right away but one day you will look at your outfit and say OH MY! My pants are covered in snot, my shirt is inside out, the baby spit up on my shoulder and my hair is a disaster; you will notice this while on your way to an appointment which you are running late for. Don’t fret former self, you will get your style back but it will be a different style all together. You will look at clothing for functionality first and fashion second and you might have food or fluid on you but that’s just a ‘Mom stamp’. Your children think of you as a napkin from time to time and it shows; you can’t get away from that one but you’ll accept it for what it is.

Your Vocabulary Will Change

You will learn all about baby brands; there are so so many different brands. When it comes to bottles, soothers, diapers, strollers and everything in between you will learn new terms you never knew existed. And along with your vocabulary, what you talk about will change too. Your going to discuss poop and spit up; you say you won’t be one of those Moms but you will. It’s okay though your Mommy friends totally get it and you rely on each other for advice.

Your Circle Will Change

As much as you love your old friends you just won’t see them as often until they have kids too. Generally you are getting the kids ready for bed as they are getting ready to go out. Some days you will be so tired that you will be going to bed as soon as the little ones do. But you will make some wonderful new friends with other Mama’s who understand all of the above and you will learn so much from each other.

One last thing…

Being a Mom brings you more joy than you could ever imagine and your children are so very special; there are really no words to express just how much you love them. But some days are tough, and some days you will feel like you have failed them; you haven’t failed them, they love you no matter what. When you feel like you just can’t go on, you will; you will ask for help and you will be a better mother because of it.  Enjoy every moment Mama, it goes way to fast!

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