Forsyth Park Surrey Natural Playground Now Open

Forsyth Park Surrey Natural Playground

The Forsyth Park Surrey Natural Playground post is sponsored by TD and the TD Common Ground Project.

The TD Common Ground Project initiative to revitalize Forsyth Park and build a natural playground is now complete.

The newly built playground at 10635 140 Street in Central Surrey now plays an active role in the health and vitality of the surrounding community.

The vision to build and revitalize parks as thriving gathering places for youth, families, and adults is one shared through the TD Common Ground Project along with the City of Surrey park and recreation professionals who develop and maintain these treasured public places.

Located near an important biodiversity conservation corridor, the site supports the Surrey City’s broader ecosystem management objectives such as:

— urban trees and plants can absorb and remove pollutants, moderate temperature, and improve air quality

— access to nature can reduce stress and improve psychological and physical well-being

The nature play area integrates the natural condition using grass, sand, wood and rocks. The park itself is innovative through its use of natural materials, green infrastructure, and contemporary play elements including a wood play structure.


As one of Surrey’s first nature playgrounds, this puts Forsyth Park on the map as a destination playground, attracting children and families from across the large city of Surrey.

The nature play area changes how the City Centre community uses Forsyth Park by transforming the park from a non-programmed, undeveloped space into a multi-programmed social and recreational hub. This will activate the community and create a true neighbourhood center.

The park brings the Central Surrey community together as a quality family gathering spot.

To learn more about the Forsyth Park project, please visit: TD Common Ground Project

Find them on Facebook:, Twitter: @TD_Canada,  Instagram: TD_Canada and YouTube:


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