Fraser River Discovery Centre Birthday Parties

The Fraser River Discovery Centre, located in New Westminster, is not only a resource centre, but a great place to learn and actually unite and take part in some fun activities. Wouldn’t you know it, they actually host birthday parties, and they are a HIT with young children.

The centre takes care of all the details, you just bring the kids, food and drinks. This is a unique way to celebrate, and will give your child and their friends a fun day by the Fraser River, but you will also get some great photos for sure.


There are a number of birthday parties that are offered, here are the types you can choose from (listed below). Parties are hosted on Saturdays only, so be sure to book in advance, via visiting the website at


There are four different types of birthday parties, each catered to different age groups but each equally fun.

It’s O-Fish-Al – Let’s Have a Party!
Ages: 4 to 6
Looking for a fun fishy way to celebrate your child’s birthday? The Discovery Centre’s white sturgeon George and his friends will have your little party goers taking part in a variety of fish-themed crafts and fun party games in celebration of your child’s birthday.

Can You Dig It?
Ages: 7 to 11
Dig into some birthday adventures to solve an archaeological mystery: the location of a hidden treasure. Kids will participate in an archaeological dig, solve puzzles, and work together to discover the location of a hidden treasure chest!

Sturgeon Tales
Ages: 6 to 11
Budding biologists will enjoy checking out sturgeon specimens and learning about the unique anatomy and conservation of white sturgeon through games and crafts.

Discovery Zone Adventures
Ages: 6 to 12
This fun, hands-on party will have kids uncovering amazing stories as they explore archaeology, meet a living dinosaur (the Fraser River white sturgeon), and discover how pollutants affect the River.


The usual cost for parties is $150 for 10 children attending and an additional $10 per child after that with a maximum allowance of 15 children. This includes an hour of guided time as well as an additional hour to use the pre-decorated party room.


For more information about the birthday party service, or the Fraser River Discovery Centre, please visit:


This is a sponsored/paid post by Fraser River Discovery. All opinions, however, are my own.

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